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How To Lower Blood Pressure: 7 Easy Fixes For Lowering Blood Pressure

Oct 8, 2021Blood Pressure0 comments

Learning how to lower blood pressure can be tricky. It’s usually a lengthy compromise. That includes eating habits, exercise, and more. Yet, lowering blood pressure doesn’t have to be that hard.

With that in mind, I’ll share 7 tips for you. They’re quite easy, too. You can start doing most of them today. Most take only a few minutes of your day.

Likewise, I’ll give you a nice exercise routine to follow.

1. Spend time with loved ones

Oxytocin from spouse interaction seems to lower blood pressure in women. When learning how to lower blood pressure, think of friends. For instance, social bonding seems crucial for oxytocin release.

2. Meditate

Investing time to think and relax is crucial for lowering blood pressure. For instance, this study shows that it’s an effective treatment for hypertension. The next time your tense, try lying down for a bit.

3. Find quiet time

Everyone loves some music when they’re stressed. Indeed, music can be vital for relaxation. But, silence could have a similar effect! When auditory signals stop, silence could lower blood pressure significantly.

4. Exercise more often

Exercise is a primary healthcare measure for all evils. There’s a reason for that, and blood pressure isn’t the exception. Resistance training can be a critical ally for lowering blood pressure.

5. Eat less salt

Now, salt has an on-and-off relationship with blood pressure. Some say it’s bad, while others say it doesn’t matter. But, excesses are always bad. High-salt diets correlate with higher cardiovascular disease and hypertension rates.

6. Drink less alcohol

Likewise, alcohol has a similar relationship with hypertension. If you don’t know how to lower blood pressure, try drinking less. Alcohol by itself isn’t bad. Yet, binge drinking might be as bad for your cardiovascular health as smoking.

7. Focus on lowering your stress

Finally, take time solely for de-stressing. Your day shouldn’t be only about working and productivity. Leisure time is as important as eating and your job. Always take at least a couple of hours to unwind each day.

The holistic takeaway

how to lower blood pressure arm with digital blood pressure measurer

Your blood pressure relates directly to many factors. Nutrition and physical-emotional health can play crucial roles. Thus, you need a holistic approach to lowering blood pressure.

There’s also a great product to learn how to lower blood pressure.

I’m talking about The Blood Pressure Program. It’s a comprehensive approach to lowering blood pressure. It contains the theory, exercises, and tips for tension relief.

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