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How to Make Keto Work Where Others Fail

Apr 20, 2023Food & Nutrition0 comments

The ketogenic diet is a huge problem for many people. After all, there’s a reason why it’s among the worst diets. Yet, it’s not exactly because it doesn’t work. Instead, it’s due to people not knowing how to make keto work.

I’ve already covered ketosis and its risks. The main problem is nutrient neglect. The keto diet can be incredibly restricting. In this article, I dove into how to avoid common mistakes. Today, you’ll learn how to make this diet work for you.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge, let’s begin.

Back to the basics of how to make keto work

As WebMD defines it, the keto diet is high-fat and moderate-protein. At the same time, it minimizes carb intake. Basically, the main goal here is to starve you of carbs. That’s because it triggers a specific process in your body.

This process is “ketosis.” It triggers when your body lacks the carbs to fuel its needs. Instead, it starts burning fat stores for energy. When this happens, your liver produces ketones. That’s where this metabolic state’s, and the diet’s, name comes from.

Reaching this stage usually takes around 4 days. Plus, you might lose weight noticeably during the first week. That said, don’t expect a miracle cure.

In fact, the keto diet can be quite risky. Its restrictive nature can cause serious complications. That includes digestive issues, cognitive hindrance, and sugar cravings. So, make sure you ask your doctor beforehand.

How to get started to make keto work

Getting started with a keto diet might sound easy. Cutting carbs is how you make keto work, right? Well, it’s not that simple. As I mentioned, this diet can be risky. Plus, you can undo your progress after you’re done.

Luckily, Healthline has great tips for beginners.

Firstly, you need to ease yourself into carb restriction. Take a month before going keto to get used to it. Reduce your carb intake periodically until you feel comfortable with it. That way, you’ll feel less uncomfortable with a keto diet.

Likewise, fasting can help you reach ketosis faster. Thus, intermittent fasting can help you make up for your carb intake.

Then, let’s talk about what you should eat. Fat and protein are keto staples. So, you want to increase your healthy fat consumption. As for protein, you want to maintain a healthy amount. But, you don’t have to increase it.

Finally, keep an eye on your ketone levels. You can do this via breath, urine, and blood tests. Ask your doctor for more information on these methods.

How to make keto work faster than usual

As I mentioned, ketosis is the essence of this diet. And, I also talked about how fasting speeds things up. So, what else can you do? Medical News Today has the answer.

The first step is to work out more. Exercise spends a lot more energy than usual. So, your body needs more resources. Combine that with your carb reduction. Then, the result is predictable. Your body will start burning fat sooner.

If you merge that with testing ketone levels and eating more fat, you’re set. Just remember that working out will be harder at the beginning. Naturally, you’ll be working out with fewer energy stores. So, take your time and ease into it.

The holistic takeaway

how to make keto work - plate with seeds and fruits

Learning how to make keto work is crucial if you want to succeed. Again, keto diets are notoriously difficult. And, many people fail because of that. Hopefully, these tips will make a difference for you.

If you need a bit more help, don’t worry. This product has all the information you need to turn keto into a success.

So, what has been your experience with keto? What worked for you and what didn’t? Let me know!


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