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How To Prevent Oxidized Cholesterol: Artery Clearing Foods

Sep 1, 2021Heart Health0 comments

A while ago, I covered the basics of oxidized cholesterol. In that article, I suggested how to prevent oxidized cholesterol. However, those guidelines could use more tips.

Today, I’m solving that. I’ll take you through several studies on cholesterol oxidation. Naturally, you’ll also learn which nutrients you should prioritize. I’ll offer a few nutritional tips and a great diet program as well.

How to prevent oxidized cholesterol with nutrition

Now, cholesterol is natural in our bodies. It’s an essential part of our biology as well. However, LDL (or bad) cholesterol can oxidize. Most cholesterol issues come from this process.

We’ll revisit this study to understand that process. That way, we’ll build the foundation for our next recommendations.

Understanding why cholesterol oxidizes

Essentially, cholesterol is prone to oxidation due to its composition. Oxysterols form because of a free-radical reaction suffered by cholesterol. Most of the time, polyunsaturated fatty acid oxidation is the culprit.

Moreover, triglycerides and cholesterol share an intimate link. Both can influence the other’s oxidation process. Peroxides stem from the mentioned fatty acids and subtract hydrogen. Thus, the free radical comes into the picture.

Which foods can oxidize cholesterol?

High-cholesterol foods are naturally the main risk factors. If you’re looking for artery clearing foods, avoid the following:

  • Egg (and derivatives).
  • Dairy.
  • Meat (and derivatives).
  • Using animal and vegetable oils for high-temperature cooking. Frying is the most common problem.

However, we must clarify that HDL (good) cholesterol remains crucial. Thus, make sure to ask a nutritionist before big diet changes. In most cases, reducing is better than eliminating these foods.

Antioxidants are your friends

It might seem obvious. But, antioxidants could be perfect for the job. I say “could be” because research is still insufficient. However, their antioxidant nature could act in cholesterol as well.

The key lies in polyunsaturated fatty acid oxidation and free radicals. Antioxidants attack fatty acid radicals. Thus, they could target free radicals responsible for oxysterols.

Are antioxidants key to how to prevent oxidized cholesterol?

On the other hand, this study dives directly into antioxidants. Essentially, antioxidants delay or nullify oxidation. That’s true for different mechanisms and processes. Thus, their benefits—in theory—should extend to oxysterols.

Synthetic vs. natural antioxidants

Synthetic antioxidants aren’t effective artery clearing foods. Yes, they can prevent oxidation. However, toxic and carcinogenic effects are fundamental risks. They’re popular in the food industry. But, you can do better.

However, natural antioxidants are the opposite. Plants are your friends here. Thus, nuts, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and spices are optimal. They’re more effective without the others’ risks.

Which antioxidants are more effective?

The best options attack radical chain reactions directly. They act by removing or deactivating radicals. This reaction gets interrupted after providing a new hydrogen atom to the molecules.

The only obstacle is action variation. Antioxidants act differently depending on a compound’s structure. As such, we can’t expect the same results from lipids in cholesterol. Still, some antioxidants are better for certain compounds.

Further research could shed more light on the subject.

The holistic takeaway

how to prevent oxidized cholesterol plate with food

The best way to avoid oxidized cholesterol is a good diet. You should aim primarily for healthy fats. For instance, olive oil offers monounsaturated fats. Used properly, it can hinder oxysterol formation.

Other tips include:

  • Moderate your overall saturated fat consumption.
  • Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. You can even snack on them for a health boost.
  • Avoid processed foods with synthetic ingredients. Synthetic antioxidants can do more harm than good.

If you’re looking for a diet plan including all that, I have news. The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy is a fantastic solution. It condenses everything we know about oxidized cholesterol. Moreover, it builds a nutritional plan from it.

For more information, you can check out my review here!


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