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How To Soup Diet – The Simplest Guidelines

Jul 18, 2022Food & Nutrition0 comments

Soup diets can be a great way to lose weight. They help you stay satiated without overeating. And, they introduce a bunch of vegetables to your diet. But, you need to know how to soup diet properly.

Soup diets are like other diets centered on food groups. They look to restrict your diet in some ways. So, you need to be smart about how you take it.

Let’s find out how to do that.

How to soup diet #1: Pick the right kind of soup

Soup diets have a lot of variety. You can find a type of soup for every taste. And, that paves the way for a comprehensive diet. It also lets you combine them to meet your preferences and needs.

That’s what makes soup diets so good. You can pack a lot of nutrition into your dishes without overdoing it. Below, you’ll find a few types of soup for your diet.


Broth soups are just like the name suggests. You only eat broth soups. That means no creams. The goal is to eat as few calories and fats as possible. Instead, you focus on vegetables and protein.

However, you might miss important nutrients that way. Look to add low-calorie options, like lean protein and non-fat dairy.


Beans are a great way to learn how to soup diet. They usually add a lot more nutrients to your meals. So, they can be better than broth soup diets in a way.

Moreover, they usually let you eat more foods than other diets. It somewhat stems from plant-based diets. For instance, proponents tend to view it as a transition to a vegetarian diet.


Cabbage soup diets are among the most popular alternatives. It focuses on eating broth-based soups, either chicken or vegetables. But, it prioritizes adding cabbage to them.

You can also add other low-calorie foods to accompany this diet. It usually lasts for seven days. Also, it lets you have other meals during the day, as long as they’re low on calories.


The chicken soup diet is another popular alternative to soup diets. In most cases, it makes you eat soup for all meals but breakfast. But, your breakfast should still be as light as possible.

For your other meals, you’ll eat small portions of chicken soup. As you can expect, this diet is fairly restrictive. So, it typically lasts for only 7 days.


This variant is basically a soup and keto diet combined. As you can expect, I’m not a big fan of these diets. The keto soup diet is low-carb and high-fat. It also contains some protein.

That said, breakfasts aren’t soups. They often include eggs, butter, and bacon. For lunch and dinner, you’ll eat regular keto soup. It may include chicken, bacon, mushrooms, and olive oil.

How to soup diet #2: Avoid certain foods but be smart about it

Usually, soup diets keep you from eating certain foods. That tends to include dairy, processed foods, refined grains, fruits, and grains. That’s why I don’t recommend typical soup diets.

You should avoid certain foods. But, you can’t restrict your nutrition too much. Make sure you’re thinking about the repercussions of cutting them.

How to soup diet #3: Manage the drawbacks of a soup diet

Soup diets have several drawbacks. For instance, it cuts calories too low. That couples with how it can mess with your nutrition habits. So, overdoing it can deprive your body of crucial ingredients.

Replacing some meals with soups can be a great way to lower your calorie intake. But, balance is key. As such, make sure you’re not replacing all your meals. Only doing soups isn’t the right way how to soup diet.

The holistic takeaway

how to soup diet posole soup

Knowing how to soup diet is all about balance. You must understand what makes it a good diet. Yet, you also need to know its main drawbacks. Working around them is the main way to make them work.

That’s why I recommend the 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet. It’s a full program that focuses on replacing a few meals. It doesn’t restrict you as much as other soups diets. And, it has a bunch of interesting recipes to try!

To learn more about it, check out my review.


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