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Hypertension And Work: Can Work Alter Your Blood Pressure?

Aug 20, 2021Blood Pressure0 comments

We’ve all been stressed because of work. Sometimes, it feels like the workweek simply doesn’t suffice. Some despise their work. Others stress too much over performance.

Well, that could be hurting you more than you notice. You could be harming your heart health with that stress. Today, you’ll learn the truth behind hypertension and work. I’ll also show you a great product to help you!

Is the link between hypertension and work real?

Firstly, let’s answer this question right away: yes. Chronic stress from overworking can cause blood pressure. Most stress-related hormones interact with your cardiovascular system.

When prolonged, you can develop blood pressure complications. For instance, your blood vessels could contract. In turn, it causes blood pressure spikes.

Which hormones influence hypertension and work?

With stress, we must focus on three hormones.

The first one is—naturally—cortisol. It’s also famous as the “stress hormone.” It relates to mood swings from stress.

Secondly, we have two catecholamines. Specifically, I’m talking about epinephrine and norepinephrine. You probably know the former as “adrenaline.”


Cortisol handles countless roles. It regulates inflammation and blood sugar levels. It also controls your sleeping cycles and overall energy.

Epinephrine and norepinephrine

These hormones focus on improving your response to danger. As such, they boost your blood flow. That includes heart rate and pressure.

What else could your job do against you?

Overworking causes stress. Naturally, your heart health takes a hit from it. In this article, you can see how. Working over 49 weekly hours boosts your hypertension chances. Moreover, you might not realize it because of its prevalence.

However, your work can also disrupt other areas indirectly. For instance, sleep can take a toll. Your blood pressure could follow suit with poor sleep. Working from home can increase the chances of this happening to you.

The holistic takeaway

hypertension and work frog holding a ton of papers

Working is great for countless things. It does more than providing sustain. For instance, it can motivate you, help you organize your time, and more. However, nothing is good in excess. That’s true for job-related stress.

My best advice is to take time off now and then. Try scheduling it: on the weekends or a few daily hours. Make it a habit, and you’ll see the results. The same holds for meditation or taking up a sport.

Likewise, I can recommend the Blood Pressure Program. It’s a fantastic approach to reducing hypertension. It focuses on relaxation exercises to release tension.

If you wish to learn more, check out my review here!


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