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Insulin And Weight Gain: How Do Blood Sugar And Weight Gain Relate?

Sep 20, 2021Fat Acumulation0 comments

I’ve already covered many hormonal reasons behind weight gain. So far, you’ve learned about cortisol, estrogen, and the thyroid. Today, we’ll focus on insulin and weight gain. Blood sugar and weight gain share an intimate relationship.

Yet, the link is fairly complex. I’ll do my best to simplify it while offering advice. As usual, that includes a promising product.

Are insulin and weight gain related?

Insulin resistance and treatment have intricate weight implications. Essentially, insulin regulates your blood sugar. If your cells absorb too much sugar, it turns into fat. Thus, insulin-resistant patients tend to gain extra weight.

Insulin and blood sugar

Insulin is crucial for your metabolism. It handles fats, proteins, and sugar. It stimulates cells to absorb glucose. Your insulin levels can result in cells absorbing more glucose than necessary.

What’s the link between blood sugar and weight gain?

Weight gain is common in insulin-related conditions. People with diabetes are more likely to develop obesity. Insulin therapy often results in excess weight. That’s because insulin promotes higher glucose absorption.

Are insulin and weight gain a problem?

But, is that weight gain an issue? This study dives into its treatment implications. Interestingly, boosting insulin therapy tends to cause weight gain. Thus, cardiovascular risk can become an issue.

Moreover, it can place a psychological barrier against treatment. For instance, many patients fail to comply if they’re scared of gaining weight.

Type 2 diabetes treatment and weight

The majority of type 2 diabetes patients are overweight. This weight can become an issue for glycaemic control as well. That becomes an issue when most treatments promote weight gain.

Weight gain hindering blood sugar control

The main issue is that most people hate being overweight. As such, many patients intentionally avoid insulin treatment. Thus, weight gain is a considerable hurdle for diabetic patients. Insulin omission becomes more likely with afraid patients.

But, does weight worsen the risks?

Naturally, obesity is a large cardiovascular risk. Yet, we might worry more than we should. For instance, glycaemic control didn’t improve cardiovascular risk profiles. But, weight gain didn’t worsen the risk for the same patients.

How to prevent insulin and weight gain consequences

So, how can you prevent insulin-related weight gain? Thankfully, our common advice is an effective approach. You ought to maintain a balanced diet and exercise.

Moreover, professional help is a must for serious cases. Supplementation and treatment can offer new strategies.

Counting calories

Naturally, consuming fewer calories lets you cut down on your weight. It’ll allow lower fat accumulation. Try trimming down portions and snacks for a while.

Not skipping meals

However, you shouldn’t skip your meals. It makes it more likely to mess up your diet with unhealthy snacks. Your blood sugar levels could also dip lower than they should.

Working out

Of course, exercise is a must for any health change. Primarily, it’ll let you burn more calories. Thus, you’re lowering the amount that turns into fat.

Consult with professionals

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor for advice. Firstly, stick to their treatment guidelines. Moreover, ask for treatment alternatives if you feel it’s necessary.

The holistic takeaway

Insulin and weight gain spoon with sugar

Insulin and weight gain are delicate subjects. It’s tough to measure blood sugar and weight gain’s link. However, a healthy diet is often enough to offset these effects.

Moreover, supplementation can provide outstanding help. For that, I recommend trying HB5. It’s a weight loss supplement focused on hormonal balance. It helps with multiple factors, including insulin.

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