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Is Blue Light Harmful? The Truth About Your Screens

Jan 5, 2023Vision0 comments

Electronic screens emit blue light. That’s the main reason why we’re advised against overuse. But, is blue light harmful or just fearmongering? In my guide on how to protect eyes, I touched on that.

Basically, blue light can make your eyes tired. But, there’s no real damage. I talked about that in my truths of blue light article. However, computer vision syndrome is a thing for a reason.

So, what’s the truth? Let’s find out.

What exactly is blue light?

As Healthline defines it, blue light is among the visible light waves. It’s a short light wave with high energy. In fact, it’s fairly close in length and power to UV waves. High-energy blue light can be nearly as powerful.

Blue light comes primarily from the Sun. But, it can also originate from fluorescent and incandescent lights. That said, LED technology is the main culprit behind blue light exposure. That means laptop screens, cellphones, tablets, and flat-screen TVs.

Is blue light harmful? What are the risks of blue light?

Daily blue light exposure doesn’t mean blue light is harmful. The problem comes from constant exposure due to our lifestyles. Our eyes aren’t particularly good at blocking this type of light.

Almost all blue light reaches the retina, passing through the cornea. Constant exposure can lead to damage to the light-sensitive cells. Thus, permanent vision decrease is a possibility.

That said, the largest problem is digital eyestrain. Overusing electronics can lead to symptoms like blurry vision, headaches, and focus issues.

In children, these effects tend to be more serious. Before we’re 10, our corneas aren’t fully developed. As such, the damage can be more noticeable.

Does that mean you should worry about blue light?

The answer is “yes and no.” The main problem with computer vision is digital eye strain. Eye strain can cause annoying symptoms. But, it rarely escalates above a temporary problem. Rest is typically enough to “treat” the condition.

In fact, resting for a bit every 20 minutes is the best way to offset digital eye strain. Likewise, artificial tears can help against dryness.

That said, blue light can become a problem when coming from the Sun. Sunlight is the largest source of blue light. And, it could be more damaging than any other blue light source. There’s little evidence about blue light’s effects. Yet, prevention is always a good idea.

Is blue light harmful to your eyes and overall health?

Blue light isn’t entirely bad. It boosts our cognitive functions, mood, and alertness. It’s also necessary for regulating our circadian rhythm. In other words, it helps us keep a regular sleep schedule.

That said, it might have some ill health effects.

Some experts believe that constant blue light exposure can cause different conditions. Macular degeneration and cataracts are among these worries. Yet, as mentioned, further research is necessary.

However, the main problem with blue light is its sleep implications. Too much exposure can disrupt your sleep quality. And, that may result in other complications, like emotional swings and poor energy.

Can blue light be harmful to your vision? The truth about macular degeneration

I mentioned the deal with macular degeneration already. But, what’s the truth? Luckily, Harvard Medical School has the answer. The short response is “no.” Blue light coming from electronic devices isn’t harmful.

Your main concern with blue light from electronic devices is your circadian clock.

Consumer electronics aren’t harmful to your retina. The amount of light they emit isn’t enough to cause permanent damage.

Sunlight’s illumination is over 10 times greater than these devices. Likewise, high-intensity blue light can also be harmful to the eye. But, we’re talking about industry and military-grade light sources.

The holistic takeaway

is blue light harmful - screens: phone, tablet, laptop and monitor

So, is blue light harmful? Blue light can cause some permanent issues coming from the Sun. High-energy blue light is the main problem here. But, most consumer electronics aren’t powerful enough.

Just make sure you take regular breaks when working.

Another great way to keep your eyes healthy is ReVision. This natural supplement works directly with how your brain interprets visual information. So, it attacks the root of the problem.

To learn more about how it works, check out my review.


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