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Is Soup Keto-Friendly? Everything You Should Know

Apr 1, 2022Food & Nutrition0 comments

It’s no secret that I’m a soup fan. They’re a great addition to any diet. You can use them to lose weight or cleanse yourself. And, they’re naturally how in calories. But, is soup keto-friendly?

That description would make you think that. And, you’d be right. Soup is quite easy to include in a keto diet. But, you want to do it the right way.

That’s also true for the diet.

A few guidelines to make soup keto-friendly

The keto diet focuses on high fat, medium protein, and low carbs. At first glance, that might sound perfect for soups. And, it can be. Soup often contains good fat and protein and little carbs.

So, here are a few steps to adapt them.

Use soup’s simplicity to your advantage

Soup can be straightforward: a few ingredients and broth. So, changing ingredients is seamless. You can switch potatoes for cauliflower or other low-carb components.

Focus on vegetables over carbohydrates

Non-starchy greens are amazing to boost your fiber and vitamin intake. Thus, they offer an easy way to make soup keto-friendly.

Creativity goes a long way in making soup keto-friendly

There are countless keto-friendly soup recipes. The same holds for potential ingredients and combinations. So, make sure you’re mixing things up!

Creams are fine, but be careful with its ingredients

Finally, creams are fantastic to lose weight without neglecting nutrition. But, make sure you’re watching the extra carbs from dairy.

Just make sure you’re not focusing too much on making soup keto-friendly

Soup diets aren’t perfect. They need proper planning to make them work as they should. And, you shouldn’t cut carbs entirely.

That’s why I don’t recommend the keto diet. You can’t restrict carbs too much. After all, your body requires them.

So, think less about cutting carbs. Focus on keeping a healthy diet.

The holistic takeaway

is soup keto-friendly bowl of soup

So, is soup keto-friendly? Yes, you can make it keto-friendly with little effort.

Yet, that shouldn’t be your priority. Soup is great for losing weight without sacrificing nutrition. But, the keto diet usually sheds carbs unnecessarily. That can become a problem quickly.

That’s why you must learn what makes soup healthy. The 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet is the best start. This recipe book and program has everything you need.

To learn what it offers, check out my review!


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