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Is Sugar Toxic? What You Don’t Know About Sugar Damage

Apr 4, 2022Metabolism0 comments

Is sugar toxic? That might sound like a weird question. But, everyone knows diabetes. And, that’s not the only issue with sugar.

Sugar is also one of the reasons why white bread is bad. Yes, you don’t have to shed carbs to lose weight. Though, that doesn’t mean sugar can’t be harmful.

Let’s learn why it is.

Is sugar toxic? What can sugar do to your body?

Now, there’s a difference between sugar and carbohydrates. Sugar is a simple carb. That means our bodies break it down quickly. Simple carbs aren’t inherently bad. That said, they shouldn’t make up most of our carb intake.

10 areas where sugar is toxic

WebMD breaks down 11 areas where sugar affects you the most. We’ll summarize them—and the damage—below.

  1. It can create sugar cravings from its dopamine release in the brain.
  2. The “sugar high” from candies can cause mood swings from sugar spikes.
  3. Bacteria can cause cavities by eating leftover sugar off your teeth.
  4. Sugar can also worsen joint pain due to inflammation.
  5. The previous point can also age your skin faster.
  6. Our livers turn fructose into fat, which can cause other conditions.
  7. The pancreas also has to pump more insulin, causing insulin resistance.
  8. Kidneys also suffer damage with too much sugar.
  9. Sugar also leads to weight gain via many processes.
  10. Finally, sugar can cause sexual performance issues in men.

High glucose concentration can also damage blood vessels

This study also dives into how our blood vessels process glucose. With diabetes, it can lose control. That results in blood clot formation and inflammation.

Is cancer also a problem if sugar is toxic?

Another study found that too much sugar could also make cancer more likely. Of course, it can damage our cells. So, this link should make sense to most people.

Glucotoxicity: The reason why sugar is toxic

Glucotoxicity is a condition coming from high blood sugar. Excess blood sugar can damage beta cells. That decreases insulin production while boosting insulin resistance.

That state is what we know as glucotoxicity.

What are its symptoms?

Of course, hyperglycemia is the main symptom. But, you can also spot signs without medical exams. Common symptoms include excessive thirst, fatigue, blurred vision, and constant peeing.

What are its causes and treatment?

Naturally, too much sugar leads to glucotoxicity. So, prevention includes avoiding high-sugar foods. The same holds for carbohydrates. Then, avoiding bread and pasta can also be crucial.

For treatment, it’s mostly about lifestyle changes. Changing diets and exercising are critical for most cases. Insulin treatment and medication are useful, too.

Diabetes: The next step once sugar is toxic

Of course, we can’t say that sugar is toxic without touching on diabetes. Its damage goes beyond your pancreas. That’s what WebMD calls “The Invisible Damage.”

For more information, I urge you to read their article. But, it’s basically what I already pointed out. High blood sugar disrupts your entire body.

The damage goes well beyond your pancreas

Your kidneys are particularly sensitive to blood sugar. Sugar can narrow and clog its blood vessels. That means your body processes less waste. That’s what we know as kidney disease.

The holistic takeaway

is sugar toxic representative image

So, is sugar toxic? Basically, yes, it can be. But, it’s not impossible to avoid that. In fact, it can be quite easy. You just need discipline.

Working out and replacing simple carbs is also great. You need the energy. Yet, that doesn’t mean sugar. Remember: you might need to repair that damage, too.

That’s where The Fat Burning Kitchen comes in. Despite its name, it’s a fantastic way to repair your organism. Its diet program gets rid of wheat. And, that means repairing the damage I mentioned.

To learn more about how it works, here’s my review!


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