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Is Wheat Bread Good For You? What You Need To Know

Oct 20, 2021Food & Nutrition0 comments

Wheat bread has been a gastronomic staple since its invention. It combines convenience, flavor, and versatility. Of course, it’s a favorite for people who only have minutes to prepare breakfast. But, is wheat bread good for you?

You might be surprised by the truth. Let’s learn what it really does for your body and how to fix it!

Why isn’t wheat bread good for you?

Forbes placed wheat bread among its “secretly unhealthy foods” list. That’s because wheat can turn almost any carb into a “wheat product.” However, most of today’s wheat products aren’t whole bread.

So, wheat bread isn’t always bad

There are countless types of bread. For instance, you can find whole-wheat bread, which is rich in fiber. Just make sure they’re whole bread and not mere wheat and carbs.

When is wheat bread not good for you?

As we mentioned, wheat bread comes in many shapes. Some are good, and some aren’t. But, what makes the difference? Each type of bread has different nutritional properties.

Thus, we must analyze carbs, nutrients, and even processing. Those are the criteria for choosing properly.

The “carbohydrate dilemma” and wheat bread

Carbs are bread’s main nutrient. That’s usually not a problem since we need them. However, products, like white bread, have simple carbs. They’re easier to digest but lack nutritional value. Moreover, they can spike your blood sugar levels.

The “whole” in whole wheat bread is crucial

Whole wheat bread contains all the parts of the original grain. That’s unlike some wheat products, which strip the grain to a minimum. Whole wheat bread contains vitamins, selenium, fiber, and even protein.

Wheat bread isn’t good for you when…

… It’s over-processed. White bread usually contains additives and refined flour. Preservatives are also quite common. All these additions can make bread unhealthy. Your blood sugar is the main risk in these cases.

Why white wheat bread isn’t good for you

Finally, Everyday Health has a great article on why you should quit white bread. Most people know it’s best to swap it. Yet, they don’t know why.

Moreover, we can apply many of these issues to general wheat bread. That’s particularly true with highly refined wheat products.

Nutritional value

White bread’s convenience has a price. It offers little more than pure carbs. It lacks fiber, protein, and vitamins. Even with added vitamins, it’s worse than whole wheat bread.

Blood sugar

Too many carbs translate into one thing: higher blood sugar levels. Its simple carbs are also faster for digestion. Thus, you’ll be craving an extra meal or snack after a short while.

Type 2 diabetes risk

Higher blood sugar means excess insulin. Thus, your body can become insulin resistant, which is a huge issue. If you’re cutting carbs, white bread should be your first target.

Gaining weight

Unused carbs turn into fat. Thus, white bread becomes worse if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, insulin resistance can mess with your weight.

Depression, yes you read that correctly

Yes, too many refined carbs can worsen depression. That’s because blood sugar drops also trigger depression symptoms, like mood swings. Moreover, constant food cravings can worsen depression and anxiety.

The holistic takeaway

is wheat bread good for you

So, is wheat bread good for you? Well, it can be. It all depends on what you consume. Ideally, opt for fiber-rich, whole wheat bread.

The challenge is being careful with wheat products in general. That’s why today’s recommendation is The Fat Burning Kitchen. It has all the information and steps you need to reduce wheat intake. It’ll help you lose weight and be overall healthier.

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