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Keto Diet Explained: What You Need To Know About Ketosis And Its Risks

May 26, 2021Food & Nutrition0 comments

Everybody wants to lose weight now and then. There’s a myriad of diets tailored to do that in different ways. The ketogenic diet program is among the most popular of these methods. That’s an understatement, as you can even find keto Starbucks drinks and food.

Keto fast food is another famous Google search. When so many brands adapt to the diet, you know people love it.

However, that love might be undeserved. The keto diet has attracted many critics over the years. It focuses mainly on restricting nutrients than dietary balance.

Ketosis: What is it, and why does it matter?

Ketosis is a normal metabolic phase. It occurs when the body runs out of carbohydrates to burn for energy. It generates ketones from fat deposits, and it burns that to generate energy. Lacking glucose results in ketosis.

That’s why starvation and other conditions make you lose fat. Your body enters ketosis to make up for the lack of carbs. Naturally, cutting on candy and sugary foods and beverages. However, removing legumes, fruits, and potatoes also cuts your carb intake.

The diet’s original goal

Ketogenic diets came as a solution for epileptic patients for whom treatments didn’t work. It’s primarily for children, and it’s proved to be highly effective. However, that doesn’t mean the brain benefits from keto diets. Some brain cells can only work with glucose.

So, is that the keto diet explained?

Basically, yes, the keto diet focuses exclusively on minimizing your carb intake. It prioritizes fat and protein. Most programs reach their carbohydrate cap with few bread slices. Doing so triggers ketosis, which burns fat for energy.

Keto diet and keto fast food… Is all that healthy?

Now you know that your goal is to consume fewer carbohydrates. Now you know what you want from your keto Starbucks drinks, but should you have them?  Thankfully, WebMD has an amazing breakdown of the diet.

The keto diet plan doesn’t merely let you lose weight by burning fat. It can help you maintain muscle mass and lower your appetite. You can start ketosis by eating less than 50 grams of carbs.

The keto diet minimizes carb intake while maximizing protein and fat.

It can be healthy…

Ketosis offers several benefits besides losing weight and preventing seizures. For instance, it can aid with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, researchers have shown interest in the diet’s benefits for cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

… But it can be harmful as well

On the other hand, you’re still neglecting important nutrients for your body. The ketogenic diet program often causes headaches, irritability, and constipation. Sugar cravings, nausea, and sleep issues are common. Bad breath is so typical that “ketosis breath” is a term.

What are the risks associated with the keto diet?

Logically, you shouldn’t enter treatment if you’re not suffering the condition. The keto diet aimed to treat epilepsy, so there’s no reason to take it otherwise. It’s not merely uncomfortable, either. It can cause serious health complications.

For instance, high fat intake increases your heart disease risks. Furthermore, keto fast food—and other foods in the diet—can cause LDL cholesterol. This “bad” cholesterol causes heart disease.

However, that’s not the only risk. Harvard Health Publishing details several other complications:

  • It cuts down on crucial nutrients: vegetables, grains, and fruits. Vitamins B and C and magnesium are some nutrients you’d miss.
  • If you have liver problems, metabolizing so much fat could worsen it. The same goes for your kidneys.
  • Cutting down on fiber because of the keto program leads to constipation. Similarly, carb deficiency translates into irritability and mood swings.

The holistic takeaway

Improving your weight should never rely on neglecting aspects of your nutrition. Many diets focus on reducing your carb or fat intake. Sure, these nutrients make you gain weight. However, they’re still crucial dietary requirements.

The best approach to lose weight is to focus on working out and eating well. You’ll burn more carbohydrates with exercise while building muscle. A good diet should balance every food group throughout the day.


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