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Leptin And Weight Loss: Can High Leptin Help Or Harm?

Sep 27, 2021Fat Acumulation0 comments

Leptin and weight loss share an intimate relationship. Likewise, leptin keeps popping up in almost every article on weight loss. For instance, leptin is behind sleep’s weight implications. The same goes for depression’s weight effects.

But, does that mean high leptin is better? The answer is a bit more confusing than that. Don’t worry, though. I’ll do my best to shed light on that subject.

Moreover, I’ll recommend a great product that can help you regulate your leptin levels.

What is the link between leptin and weight loss?

As mentioned, leptin and weight loss go hand-in-hand. But, what does that mean? How can we assess leptin’s influence on weight? We must understand how this hormone works. Thankfully, the Society for Endocrinology has great insight.

Leptin controls our appetite. Essentially, it’s responsible for how satiated we feel. Thus, it’s crucial for regulating food intake. Yet, it’s a bit more complex.

What is leptin?

Leptin forms in our fat cells and interacts with our hypothalamus. It doesn’t change our food intake per meal. Yet, it changes how we expend our energy in the long run.

As its levels fall, its intensity increases. Thus, we feel a stronger appetite, and we eat more. Thus, it’s vital for maintaining our healthy weight.

Low and high leptin: How does regulation work?

Leptin comes from fat cells, so it relates to our fat volume. More fat means more leptin in our blood. Ideally, we should eat less when our weight increases.

However, that’s not always the case. We’ll go through leptin resistance in a bit. Naturally, our leptin levels decrease as we lose weight.

Is low or high leptin bad?

High leptin is common in obese people. That happens because our brain fails to process its signals. Thus, we eat more than we should.

Low leptin can be problematic as well, but it’s rarer. Childhood obesity can relate to poor leptin amounts. The same goes for delayed puberty and weak immunity.

Leptin resistance: The main challenge with leptin and weight loss

Leptin resistance is quite common in obese patients. This condition comes from high leptin levels. Theoretically, patients should feel more satiated.

That’s where the resistance comes into play. Your brain fails to process these signals. As such, it thinks you need to eat more despite having plenty of stored energy.

Modifying how your brain works

Our brains change our behavior with leptin. With leptin resistance, it strives to increase our body fat. That’s because it senses less energy than we have.

Thus, leptin-resistant patients tend to fall into two behaviors:

  • We eat more because our brains think we’re starving.
  • We also spend less energy because our bodies try to conserve it.

High leptin requires care: Causes

Leptin resistance is quite complex. Yet, research has identified a few mechanisms:

  • Inflammation signals in the hypothalamus seem to be an important factor.
  • High fatty acid volumes can increase our leptin production and interfere with signals.
  • Finally, overall high leptin levels can also cause leptin resistance.

How can you lower this impact?

The best way to treat leptin resistance is with healthier habits:

  • Avoiding processed foods and working out can reverse its causes.
  • Proper sleep regulates our leptin levels.
  • Of course, eating fewer fats leads to lower leptin production.
  • For dieting, eating soluble fiber and protein works best.

The holistic takeaway

Leptin and weight loss burguers

Leptin and weight loss are crucial considerations for any diet plan. However, the mechanisms behind them can be confusing. Luckily, the recommendations are mostly the same as with other conditions.

Likewise, supplementation can be a great ally. That brings us to HB5. This weight loss supplement focuses on hormonal balance. Among its benefits, it regulates leptin levels in your body.

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