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Lifestyle And Osteoporosis: What Can You Do?

Jul 11, 2022Bone Health0 comments

Lifestyle and osteoporosis share an intimate relationship. Almost everything you do can impact your bone health. That’s true from nutrition to physical activity and vices.

As such, it’s important to understand lifestyle implications. In this article, I’ll explain just that.

The importance of lifestyle and osteoporosis}

Osteoporosis relates directly to many lifestyle factors. Nutritional and behavioral factors play a huge role in bone health. That includes calcium, protein, and vitamin D intake. The same goes for physical activity and vices, like smoking and drinking.

As such, your lifestyle plays a huge role in preventing osteoporosis. In patients, it’s also a vital consideration for treatment.

7 lifestyle and osteoporosis changes you can try

Luckily, PubMed has a fantastic list of lifestyle changes for osteoporosis. These are mostly simple changes you can start doing right now. But, some of them require more care and planning.

So, let’s dive into them.

Start early

There are many things you can do to promote bone health, starting in your childhood. Thus, the earlier you start, the better. Try not to wait for a diagnosis before you look at your lifestyle and osteoporosis.

Keep a balanced diet

Bone health benefits from many nutrients. It’s not just calcium. A balanced diet is vital to keep your bones healthy. So, make sure you’re adding fruits, vegetables, grains, and more to your meals.

Calcium is the biggest lifestyle and osteoporosis milestone

Most people don’t consume enough calcium for their health. But, it’s feasible to reach that milestone. Three glasses of low-fat milk daily are enough to boost your calcium intake. Of course, that’s as long as you also have a balanced diet.

Vitamin D is also important

Vitamin D should be a critical consideration as well. Make sure you go out on walks when it’s sunny outside. But, that might not be enough. Add more vitamin D through your diet or consider taking supplements.

Certain exercises are better

Physical activity is a must to prevent osteoporosis. Make sure you’re exercising for at least 30 minutes per day. But, you should also focus on specific workouts. Strength and weight-bearing exercises are particularly good.

See a healthcare provider

Finally, don’t hesitate to see a healthcare provider when necessary. Regular checks can go a long way in preventing osteoporosis. But, seeing one when you have the condition is critical for treatment and management.

What changes can you take considering lifestyle and osteoporosis?

I already covered several changes to aid osteoporosis. But, there are a few more things you can do to prevent and manage osteoporosis. This time, let’s focus on direct risks to your bone health.

Avoid smoking

Smoking has direct links to osteoporosis. It prevents your bones’ regular regeneration and maintenance process. As such, quit if you’re currently a smoker.

Be careful with alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol messes with how our bodies use vitamin D. That can translate into how much calcium we actually take in. And, caffeine has mixed results when it comes to osteoporosis. But, try to limit it to a couple of cups per day.

Prevent falls

Of course, falls are a huge “no” if you have osteoporosis. So, make sure you’re doing everything to protect yourself against them. Try moving loose wires and cords from the floor. And, use non-skid tapes in the shower or bathtub.

The holistic takeaway

lifestyle and osteoporosis skeletons in various positions

Lifestyle and osteoporosis could use more attention. Almost anything you do can impact your bone health. As such, you should be careful with how you live your life.

That includes using effective programs to treat it.

That takes us to the Bone Density Solution. It’s a complete guide to bone diseases, symptoms, and treatments. Even better, it targets lifestyle changes to combat osteoporosis.

To learn how it works, you can check out my review.


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