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Losing Weight After 40 Is Possible With A Few Tips!

Nov 24, 2022Exercise - Fitness0 comments

Anyone can tell you that losing weight after 40 is a huge challenge. For starters, it’s harder to find the time to work out and accommodate your diet. But, you also have to deal with menopause and its hormonal mess.

But, that’s far from a reason not to do it. Exercise has incredible benefits regardless of age. In fact, you can get more out of it as you’re aging. The same goes for keeping an overall healthy lifestyle.

That said, what about losing weight? Does age make it more difficult? In some ways, it does. In other ways, it’s not that different from other weight loss approaches.

Let’s find out how you can do it.

Understand why losing weight after 40 is more difficult

Losing weight is already difficult for many people. That’s true regardless of age. Yet, turning 40—and onwards—tends to bring unique new challenges. Understanding why it’s difficult is the first step. It lets you identify your specific goals.

Firstly, turning 40 usually translates into sleep issues. You might be balancing life with children. Or, menopause’s hot flashes can disrupt your dreams. Poor sleep regularly correlates with weight issues.

Also, we have to consider that women have a higher body fat percentage than men. As they’re usually smaller, it requires fewer calories to maintain themselves. Thus, you need extra effort to lose weight after 40. And, it’s usually more difficult to meet those needs.

Finally, you have to think about your metabolism. Estrogen levels decline with age, especially after menopause. One of the consequences is a slower metabolism and insulin resistance.

Prioritizing proper nutrition is the most important step

As usual, my first weight loss tip is watching your nutrition. After all, there’s a reason why WebMD focuses so much on it. Essentially, your diet dictates how much fat your body can accumulate. As such, a few changes can make a huge impact.

Start by incorporating more fruits and vegetables. They provide a better nutrient-calorie ratio than other foods. That means feeling satisfied with a lower fat intake.

That doesn’t mean eating less throughout the day, though. For instance, you shouldn’t skip breakfast. Instead, you can add fruit and other healthy options to those meals. That’ll also help you feel fuller during the day. Additionally, you can eat less at night, which can also help you lose weight.

Enveloping those tips, you must focus on healthy meals. Knowing how to cook gives you a huge edge for losing weight after 40. Lay off fast food, sodas, alcohol, and more. Instead, take the time to prepare healthier meals.

Improving your sleep routine is a huge step for losing weight after 40

As Today explains, stress releases cortisol. Cortisol has complicated metabolic implications. That includes increasing cravings and fat storage propensity. Chronic stress can lead to considerable weight gain.

That’s one of the reasons why Health recommends working on your sleep routine. Sleep is crucial for managing your cortisol levels. And, it also correlates with weight loss. So, make sure you keep healthy sleep hygiene. That means:

  • Keeping a regular bedtime.
  • Maintaining a comfortable and relaxing bedroom.
  • Avoiding large meals, alcohol, and caffeine before sleep.
  • Exercising earlier during the day.

Take things easy, but don’t neglect physical activity

Of course, working out often becomes more difficult as we grow older. But, that’s not an excuse to neglect physical activity. Instead, working out is critical for losing weight after 40. According to HealthifyMe, you should focus on three areas.

Cardio, or aerobic training, is your main ally when losing weight. It helps you boost your heart health. But, it burns more calories than other forms of exercise. It’s also more convenient. Walking or jogging takes little effort with time.

Then, we have strength training. Muscles demand more energy. So, building muscle can boost your resting metabolic rate.

And, we also have flexibility training. Sure, it’s not as influential as other exercise forms. But, it can help you curb age-related pains. So, it can make your fitness program more manageable and comfortable.

The holistic takeaway

losing weight after 40 - woman happy with her weight

Losing weight after 40 can be more difficult than usual. Still, that’s far from saying it’s impossible. With a few lifestyle changes, you can shed those extra pounds. You just need a healthy workout and diet program.

That’s where The Cinderella Solution comes into play. It’s an easy-to-follow program that combines nutrition and exercise. It’s easily my favorite workout aid for young and older women. So, check it out!

To learn why it’s so good, you can read my official review.


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