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Lower Back Pain Causes: Where Does Your Pain In Lower Back Come From?

Jul 21, 2021Body Pain0 comments

Everyone has experienced pain in the lower back. For instance, you might hold a bad posture for too long. Injuries are also common lower back pain causes. However, it’s a problem if it stays for too long.

Today, we’ll go through the problem’s roots. Nerve compression is the main cause in most cases. Likewise, I’ll share an excellent product for that problem.

Spinal anatomy and lower back pain causes

Firstly, let’s go through the condition’s anatomy. Thankfully, Spine Health has a great breakdown. Let’s focus on the common anatomical problems behind pain in the lower back. As you’ll see, there’s one cause behind everything.

It’s mostly about nerves

Nerves make up most of our physical pain. That’s why they’re the prevalent lower back pain causes. You can feel pain from the nerves or their roots. Typically, inflammation and injury pinches and irritates these nerves.

Pain in the lower back is more likely

Our lower back has more motion than most of our spine. It splits into five motion segments. Therefore, it has more room for deterioration and pain. Curiously, muscle strain can also result in lower back pain.

Common lower back pain causes: The main link

As we mentioned, nerves prevail among lower back pain causes. Furthermore, we can analyze other factors and relate them. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke has a great breakdown.

The causes for pain in the lower back are plentiful

Lower back pain causes vary quite a bit. They can be congenital, degenerative, or come from injury. However, you’ll notice that most of them strain the nerves. Furthermore, nerve and spinal problems have countless implications.

Most lower back pain causes share one factor

As evidenced, most causes boil down to nerve strain and damage. Common treatments focus on that as well. You’ll commonly find spine alignment and nerve numbing as recommendations.

The holistic takeaway

lower back pain causes descriptive image of a man grabbing his lower man

Overall, you must attack the root behind pain in the lower back. Non-surgical treatment often includes physical therapy. Spine alignment prevails as a favorite for patients. Surgical treatment also focuses on nerves. Some numb them and others reduce inflammation.

Therefore, my recommendation follows a similar approach. The Back Pain Breakthrough is a great offer. It focuses on physical therapy and spine alignment. It’s a straightforward workout program. Not only that, but it’s also quite affordable, so it’s fantastic to try!

If you want to learn more, check out my review here.


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