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Lower Back Pain From Sitting: A Few Fixes To Try!

Nov 22, 2021Body Pain0 comments

Lower back pain from sitting happens to everyone. Most people work at desk jobs (that includes remote work). So, that fatigue gets to us eventually. I know it happens to me quite often!

But, what can you do to alleviate this pain? Let’s see where it comes from and what you can do.

Why do we get lower back pain from sitting?

There are many reasons behind lower back pain. Ideally, you should see a professional to find the cause. But, I can summarize the general factors below:

Muscle pain

Firstly, you could merely be out of shape. Your core muscles go from your abs to the back and hips. Lumbar strain can come from overstretching or twisting. It can also make your back stiff.

Nerve pain

Nerve pain is the most common cause of lower back pain from sitting. You could be pressing on your nerves. In these cases, stretching and advanced workouts might be needed.

Bone health

Finally, bone deterioration can worsen the previous issues. Make sure you’re keeping your bones healthy at all times.

Some fixes for lower back pain from sitting

Luckily, there’s plenty you can do for relief. But, let’s focus on what you can do quickly—maybe even at work.


Rocking your hips and stretching your back is a great quick fix. You can take a minute to stretch on your chair. That’s right, you don’t even have to stand up.

Sit straight

Again, you don’t have to stand up to feel better. Try being mindful at all times of how you’re sitting. Bad posture can mess up your back quickly.

Stand up often

Of course, standing up is still the best option. You can stretch just by walking for a bit. If you can’t leave your office, don’t worry. You can stand up next to your desk and do a few stretches.

Sleep well

Finally, sleeping is the best remedy most of the time. Make sure you’re sleeping on a firm mattress and in the best position.

The holistic takeaway

lower back pain from sitting man in computer working

Lower back pain from sitting is a sad reality for many. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We neglect how we feel too regularly. Stopping is a great first step.

Exercises are another excellent choice. That’s why The Back Pain Breakthrough. It’s a series of exercises to help you alleviate stress on your back.

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