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Make Exercise Easier: Workout Hacks And A Secret Weapon

May 10, 2021Exercise - Fitness0 comments

Despite being almost everyone’s goal, almost everyone forfeits working out. Exercising is a considerable lifestyle change. Many people aren’t used to it today, and it’s a hard habit to form.

Luckily, you can do several things to make it easier. Technically, you need to change your mentality. We approach fitness with the wrong mindset. That’s the main obstacle—even if you don’t notice it.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Why do so many people give up on fitness?

One of the previous studies makes it obvious: over $1 billion goes into unused gym memberships. There’s no way around it: exercise is hard. However, starting is considerably harder than doing it.

There are many obstacles in fitness’ way:

  • Lack of time.
  • Soreness.
  • Boredom.
  • Pointlessness.
  • Being too tired.

You can keep adding items. Working out is almost impossible these days. Well, what if we told you those are mere excuses?

Habits are important

In reality, working out is a habit. Once you do it because you’re used to it, you’ll stop looking for excuses. That’s why discipline is paramount. Create schedules and stick to them.

You must learn to enjoy it

However, you must also avoid feeling bored. Luckily, that’s easier than you might think. Focus on workouts that bring you more joy. Additionally, try creating playlists or watching a series you like. You can even reward yourself with a tasty healthy snack.

Six fitness hacks that could help you

Our mentality is the primary obstacle, so what’s the solution? These mental hacks by NBC offer amazing “shortcuts” to make working out easier. As you should expect, these focus on changing how you approach fitness.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing difficult here. It’s quite the contrary. The main goal here is to help you realize how easy exercise can be. You must “simplify” your strategy, and everything will follow suit.

  1. Starting small

Don’t push yourself to an intense workout routine. You can work out for a few minutes per day. The same holds for a few repetitions and periods for your exercise. Keep it simple while you get used to it.

  1. Simple goals

Additionally, simplify what you want to achieve. Instead of a six-pack, you might want to prioritize working out non-stop for a month. Walking half a mile every day is a great start.

  1. Taking it easy

Many people give up after missing several classes because they feel defeated. Don’t stress yourself with that. It’s better to accept it and try it the next day than giving up entirely.

  1. Conscious skipping

If you skip a session, make it your choice. Don’t justify it with sleeping late or losing track of time. The article recommends leaving your workout gear on the couch. That way, you must move it to avoid working out.

  1. Workout variety

Don’t focus solely on cardio or resistance training. Similarly, don’t stick to jogging or pull-ups exclusively. If you jog on Tuesdays, try cycling on Thursdays. If you did weights on Mondays, try squats on Wednesday. The same goes for strength and cardio.

  1. No failing

Finally, don’t think you’ve failed if you missed one or more workout schedules. There aren’t fail conditions with working out. You can always come back, so don’t let shortcomings defeat you.

A powerful secret: Socializing during the workout

If you still feel working out is impossible, finding a friend might solve it! Working out with partners, coaches, and friends offers unique perks. You’ll feel more motivated, accountable, and amused while exercising.

Exercise offers more than physical benefits. Competition is also fantastic for motivation, so finding another beginner is ideal. However, you can also enjoy working out with someone who’s in great shape. They can make your life easier and help you avoid the same mistakes they’ve made.

There are countless ways to find a workout partner:

  • Join a gym.
  • Hire a personal trainer.
  • Get together with friends.
  • Look for fitness groups and clubs.

The holistic takeaway

Working out isn’t difficult. The challenge is understanding how to think about exercising As long as you can relax, you’ll succeed.

Instead of pushing yourself harder, prioritize not to make it a big deal. Start slow and with manageable routines. As you build the habit, you can add more workout types and difficulties. However, don’t rush things. Make sure you enjoy it first.


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