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Memory Loss Causes: 7 Common Sources Of Memory Problems

Sep 13, 2021Mental Health0 comments

Memory problems seem to be at an all-time high lately. I’ve noticed more of my friends having memory and focus issues. That could be due to us leading more stressful lives. Today, we’ll analyze those memory loss causes.

To clarify, I’m not talking strictly about dementia. More precisely, this article refers mainly to mild cognitive impairment. To summarize, we’re talking about noticeable memory loss. However, it’s not enough to hinder one’s life quality.

Think about constantly losing your keys or forgetting conversations.

Is lifestyle among memory loss causes?

Life is stressful. That’s our thesis for this section. Stress can play a crucial role in cognitive impairment. Thus, our lifestyles often hinder our cognitive performance.

As such, we can link our habits and memory loss. Most people’s lives are fast-paced. That means our focus faces constant demand.

Hectic schedules disrupt focus

We’re often running between tasks. That includes work, appointments, and personal issues. Naturally, that’s distracting. Focusing is a challenge if you’re thinking about what to do next. That usually means lower attention and focus problems.

Focus is crucial for memory

Why does that matter? Our focus seems to be critical for memory development. It makes sense as well. Our memory mostly consists of things we’ve focused on. The “extra” information typically goes into our unconscious. Thus, poor focus leads to fewer memories.

7 lifestyle-related memory loss causes

WebMD has an amazing article about memory loss causes. Curiously, most of those reasons can tie back to lifestyle. Thus, a lifestyle change could offer promising results.

But, how do those causes tie to our lifestyle? How do they affect our memory? Let’s find out.


Certain drugs can hinder our cognitive function. For instance, antihypertensive medication could cause cognitive impairment. This study also dives into drug-induced cognitive impairment among the elderly. Sleeping pills, painkillers, and other medications are also possible culprits.

Substance abuse

Alcohol and drug use can also cause memory loss. This study suggests a link between alcohol and memory retrieval. On the other hand, drug abuse has extensive neuropathology. That includes memory loss, cognitive decline, and depression.


Naturally, smoking hinders our oxygen levels. That translates into how much oxygen reaches our brains. For instance, tobacco smoking can decrease our cognition and anti-oxidation capacity. That’s true for short and long-term memory impairment.

Poor sleep

Have you ever slept on an issue and woken up with a solution? That’s called sleep-dependent memory consolidation. Our sleep cycles are crucial for consolidating memories. Disrupting sleep often leads to brain fog, focus issues, and poor cognition.

Emotional stress

Emotional stress refers to multiple issues. For instance, depression hinders our focus and memory function. Anxiety works almost the same as stress, hindering our memory performance. Naturally, stress, grief, and other issues have similar results.

Bad nutrition

It’s hard to assess how strong is this link. Yet, nutrition seems to play a crucial role in maintaining memory. Certain vitamin deficiencies can hinder our memory. Likewise, supplementation can boost it.

Physical injury

Finally, we have a staple in storytelling. We’ve all seen an amnesiac main character after an accident. That’s quite accurate as well. Head injuries can disrupt our short and long-term memory. However, not all injuries cause permanent amnesia.

The holistic takeaway

Memory loss causes post its on white background

Our memory can fail at any time. Mild memory loss isn’t usually a cause for concern. Yet, we can’t ignore them. Everyone has forgotten about a critical date or assignment. Everyone knows how detrimental it can be.

That’s why I want to recommend Promind Complex. This product prevents natural brain deterioration. It boosts your memory, focus, and mental clarity.

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