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Hormonal Weight Gain: What’s Behind Menopause Weight Gain?

Aug 30, 2021Metabolism0 comments

You’ve likely heard that women have weight issues as they grow older. Naturally, we attribute it to menopause. But, what’s behind this hormonal weight gain?

Today, we’ll cover the basics of menopause weight gain. As always, I’ll also recommend a great product to fight that.

Estrogen and hormonal weight gain

Medical News Today has the best breakdown. Estrogen levels typically drop with menopause. That’s because reproductive hormones decrease.

Estradiol is one estrogen form. It’s responsible for metabolic and weight regulation. Usually, it drops with menopause. It tends to trigger fat accumulation around the abdomen.

How does menopause weight gain work?

As mentioned, menopause brings several changes. Women likely experience weight around hips and thighs. Yet, low estradiol levels trigger visceral fat buildups.

This change is also responsible for common weight-related conditions. For instance, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke are consequences.

Most women also tend to work out less. As such, muscle mass decreases. They burn less fat daily.

Other low estrogen symptoms

While weight gain is common, we must consider other symptoms. Low estrogen can trigger countless issues:

  • Irregular periods.
  • Higher body temperature.
  • Sleep issues.
  • Poor libido.
  • Mood swings.

Additional to weight gain, these symptoms could require a doctor visit. Don’t hesitate to contact one if you experience them.

Estrogen’s weight regulation behind hormonal weight gain

Estrogen handles weight regulation extensively. According to this study, alpha receptors are the main culprit. It seems to act via lipolysis inhibition.

Such a decrease in fat metabolism comes from alpha receptor triggers. This event occurs in adipose tissue. Thus, modulating its activity could provide effective treatment.

Estrogen receptors behind menopause weight gain

This other study dives directly into the said receptor. Rats gain more weight after removing their ovaries. In such cases, estradiol treatment seems to alleviate these cravings.

Why does that happen? It goes back to the mentioned estrogen receptor. It mediates estradiol’s effects on appetite and weight. That’s unlike its beta counterpart, which doesn’t change anything.

The neuroscience of estrogen

Since we touched on cravings, let’s talk about them. This study touches on another hormone: MCH. It stands for melanin-concentrating hormone.

Its deficiency hinders appetite and fat loss. Its levels seem to contribute to anorexia syndromes. Moreover, the study found that it could boost estrogen’s weight issues. Thus, it’s a worthy treatment consideration.

How can you offset hormonal weight gain?

Fighting these symptoms might feel impossible. After all, we don’t have direct control over our hormones. Naturally, treatments are the best choice. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do more.

WebMD has a great breakdown of other age-related issues. Other aging consequences add to hormonal weight gain. Let’s see how we can fight them to attack this weight increase.

Keep a fitness routine

Less physical activity worsens any weight gain. As such, keeping a fitness routine is vital. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be extraordinary. In most cases, daily walks and mild cardio do a lot.

Work your muscles

However, that doesn’t mean you must neglect other areas. Muscles increase your metabolic rate. You can exercise them without going out of your way. A couple of light weighs can provide excellent results.

Intensity is your ally

You’ll also burn less energy during exercise. As usual, increase your workout intensity if it feels too easy. Past activity doesn’t always dictate the needed intensity. Notice how your body feels during workouts. That’ll tell you what to do.

The holistic takeaway

Menopause weight gain apple in the beach surround by a metric

Fighting hormonal weight gain feels like an uphill battle. We’re essentially fighting our body’s natural processes. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Far from it, doing so leads to a healthier lifestyle.

In turn, that means a happier lifestyle.

Other than the suggestions, I have a great product for you. HB5 is a weight loss supplement that targets hormonal weight gain. Thus, it’s perfect for fighting menopause weight gain. The product focuses on promoting healthy hormonal levels.

If you wish to learn more, my review’s over here!


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