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Can Your Metabolism Slow Down? What Can Cause Your Metabolism Slowing Down

May 21, 2021Metabolism0 comments

Everyone seems obsessed with their metabolism these days. It’s not entirely without reason, as your metabolism is responsible for your weight. Everything related to how your body processes nutrients boils down to your metabolic rate.

However, that doesn’t mean weight issues are due to your metabolism slowing down. Our BMR (basal metabolic rate) is unique. Everyone burns calories at different rates while resting.

On the other hand, our BMR likely won’t help us shed extra pounds.

Is it possible to have a slow metabolism?

Technically, yes, slow metabolism is possible. Some people process nutrients slower than others. That said, someone’s metabolism slowing down isn’t really liable for weight issues. Physical activity is what enables you to lose weight regardless of your metabolism.

Physical exertion consumes more energy, which forces your metabolism to burn more calories. Your BMR won’t help you lose weight, even if you’re physically fit. Workout routines and proper nutrition is how you do that.

What affects your metabolism?

When people talk about faster metabolism, they refer to our BMR. Someone’s resting metabolism is challenging to change. The majority of our BMR comes from our genetics and age.

Our BMR depends largely on our body composition—primarily our muscle mass ratio. Muscle burns more calories while resting. That’s why working out accelerates your BMR.

However, that’s also why overweight people actually have faster metabolic rates. Their larger body mass also includes muscle tissue.

What can slow down your metabolism?

Naturally, having low muscle mass results in your metabolism slowing down. However, that opens up a plethora of factors that can contribute to a slow metabolic rate. For instance, resting makes your metabolism lag considerably.

There’s a long list of factors that can slow down your metabolism. High-calorie intake and not working out are the main reasons. However, some medications and sleeping habits are also relevant.

The holistic takeaway

To answer the first question, we can say that yes, our metabolism can slow down. It’s a very common process. Your metabolism shifts depending on what we do and how much energy we need.

While it’s also possible to have a naturally slow metabolism, it’s uncommon. It’s also unlikely to be the main reason behind people’s weight issues. If you’re facing similar complications, make sure to consult with a doctor and adopt a fitness routine.


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