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Microbes and Mental Health – A Surprising Connection

Mar 6, 2023Mental Health0 comments

Gut bacteria are one of the most important aspects of your health. However, we tend to ignore it over less important factors. Yet, it can influence GERD and your metabolism. And, did you know there’s a link between microbes and mental health?

Given your body-mind connection, you have plenty of reasons to care for your mood. Plus, we’re not just talking about your emotions. Your cognition might also be at play here. Cognitive decline can cause serious complications. And, microbes might be the answer.

Let’s see what’s behind all this.

A review of microbes and mental health

Recently, experts have started to pay more attention to gut bacteria. This has led to the discovery of many health benefits. And, mental health might be one of those areas. This review tells you everything you need to know.

The gastrointestinal system could play a large role in our mental health. That’s particularly true for central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Multiple pathways create a bidirectional communication channel for the microbiota and CNS.

Research has already linked gut bacteria to diseases, like obesity and diabetes. That said, recent evidence points toward other effects. For instance, the microbiota could influence neuropsychiatric disorders, like anxiety and depression.

How your gut bacteria and mental health are related

Atlas’ Blog has a bunch of ways your gut biome relates to mental health. For instance, the vagus nerve communicates your gut and brain. Plus, the fatty acids created by gut bacteria also communicate with the brain. All of these send signals to the brain for regulating digestion.

A poor microbiome can also contribute to inflammation. Then, inflammation could contribute to depression, worsening the symptoms. That’s why diet is such an important method to improve your mood.

But, let’s go back to fatty acids for a bit. They communicate with serotonin-producing cells. Thus, they can help you produce more serotonin, making you feel happier. They also benefit Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. GABA also improves your mood, regulating stress. Some probiotics can produce GABA by themselves.

How microbes can influence cognitive decline

But, what about cognitive decline? Can gut microbes influence this condition? Well, the truth is they might.In an experiment, aging mice received metabolites to help microglia sense brain changes. Of these metabolites, we care about isoamylamine. It managed to go through the blood-brain barrier. And, this metabolite is released into the gut thanks to Ruminococcaceae bacteria.

In other words, excessive levels of these bacteria could worsen cognitive decline. Therefore, it places a lot more weight on balance. Keeping a healthy gut biome could be key to preventing cognitive decline.

The cognitive impairment linked to microbes and mental health

Changes in intestinal microbiota influence nutrient absorption and energy distribution. These effects can impact cognitive health directly. As such, a healthy gut biome can disrupt the development of cognitive impairment.

Therefore, probiotics can be a recommendation for cognitive support. Certain diets and eating habits could help balance microbiota. Naturally, that translates into stronger cognitive functions.

All that said, we must note that most studies have been on animals. But, their portability to humans is quite promising. So, if anything, there’s little to lose by focusing on a gut-healthy diet.

The holistic takeaway

microbes and mental health - illustration of a microbe

Microbes and mental health share a closer link than you might think. After all, your gut biome plays a role in digestion. And, digestion is critical for producing energy. Then, that’s how your brain can maintain its functions.

From there, it’s easy to see why you should keep your microbes balanced. And, I have just the product for that.

Cognibiotics combines different microbe strains to focus mainly on your mental health. It can help you boost your mood, focus, and memory. So, make sure you check it out before saying goodbye!


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