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Most Important Weight Loss Hormones: 9 Keys To Weight Loss?

Feb 14, 2022Metabolism0 comments

I’ve already covered some of the most important weight loss hormones. That includes conditions like hypothyroidism. But, countless agents can affect your weight.

Some of them can slow down your metabolism. And, others can make you lose weight with less effort.

It’s all about how you manage them.

How can the most important weight loss hormones affect your body?

Naturally, different hormones have different effects. For instance, leptin and insulin act directly on your weight. They can change your appetite or how you process nutrients.

Even seemingly-unrelated hormones can have a huge influence. Sex and growth hormones alter our bodies. Typically, that includes our weight.

So, what about diets targeting the most important weight loss hormones?

Now, it’s quite hard to change hormone levels with your diet. So, I can’t advocate for particular diet plans. Yet, research is still fairly new. We might not know the entire picture still.

That said, I’d advise you to stay away from “hormone diets” merely because they typically don’t work.

The 9 most important weight loss hormones:

Luckily, Healthline has an outstanding breakdown of hormones and weight loss. Naturally, I invite you to read it if you want in-depth knowledge.

For this article, I’ll dive into what studies have to say about the most important weight loss hormones.

#1. Insulin

Insulin handles glucose storage. In other words, it’s our “energy stash.” Insulin resistance can hinder their functioning. Typically, that results in high blood sugar. That can trigger obesity and type 2 diabetes.

#2. Leptin

I’ve already covered it in this article. Feel free to check it out for the research behind them. Basically, leptin makes you feel full or satiated. Its deficit tends to cause overeating.

#3. Ghrelin

Ghrelin is leptin’s opposite. It makes you hungry. So, it needs to strike a balance with leptin to moderate your weight. Its imbalance can cause excessive weight gain or loss.

#4. Cortisol

Cortisol is the reason behind stress. Its imbalance can cause many diseases—including obesity or extreme weight loss. It can cause eating disorders and other physiological changes.

#5. Estrogen

On the other hand, estrogen is why menopause can trigger considerable weight gains. Curiously, weight gain can come from both high and low estrogen levels.

#6. Neuropeptide Y

NPY is somewhat similar to ghrelin. It stimulates our appetite when responding to stress. Additionally, it lowers energy expenditure. So, it can be a double-hit to any weight loss attempt.

#7. Glucagon-like peptide-1

If NPY is like ghrelin, GLP-1 is like leptin. It makes you feel satiated to balance blood sugar levels. Low levels—or resistance—can result in overeating and weight gain.

#8. Cholecystokinin

Again, CCK is another satiation hormone. People with obesity often have low levels or resistance to its effects. Again, the result is overeating and weight gain.

#9. Peptide YY

Finally, PYY is roughly the same as our last 2 hormones. It helps you regulate how much you eat. Again, desensitization or insufficient levels lead to weight gain.

The holistic takeaway

most important weight loss hormones

The most important weight loss hormones definitely play a role in your efforts. But, it’s hard to find a reliable way to use that to our advantage. Diets aren’t the answer—at least for now.

But, supplementation has helped with other hormonal issues historically. So, it could be our hope for weight loss.

That’s why I want to recommend HB5. It targets 5 critical hormones that could hinder your attempts. Plus, they’re 5 hormones that have responded effectively to other treatments.

If you’re doubtful, check out my official review!


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