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The Effects Of Olive Oil: Olive Oil Health Benefits And Disadvantages

Sep 15, 2021Food & Nutrition0 comments

In a recent article, I explained that replacing fats is great. Olive oil’s health benefits make it a great replacement. But, aren’t the effects of olive oil responsible for junk food? After all, it’s the most popular frying oil.

Well, that’s what I’ll clarify in this article. Is olive oil good or bad? We’ll analyze the claims and causes. Naturally, I’ll also recommend a great product in the end.

Are the effects of olive oil positive?

Thankfully, Healthline already has a great breakdown of this topic. Olive oil is among the healthiest fats you can find. It’s packed with antioxidants and good fatty acids.

So, why do people claim it’s unhealthy? Some state that it’s its unsaturated fats. Still, others say it’s exceptional for frying.

Where do concerns come from?

The issue with most oils boils down (pun intended) to two factors. They’re the smoke point and oxidative stability.

  • The first one refers to the temperature where fats break down. Then, they turn into smoke.
  • The second one is self-explanatory. Some fats are less resistant to oxygen reactions.

Many of those concerns don’t apply to olive oil

However, most of those worries don’t apply to olive oil.

  • Firstly, olive oil has monounsaturated fatty acids. They’re highly resistant to heat.
  • Olive oil has endured several high-heat tests. It doesn’t release considerable amounts of risky compounds.
  • Finally, olive oil has a relatively high smoke point.

Potential negative effects of olive oil

On the other hand, WebMD has an interesting take. It details the claims of Robert Vogel, MD. The University of Maryland heart specialist claims olive oil isn’t ideal.

In fact, he believes it could be as bad as unhealthy fats. He claims your heart and arteries could suffer the effects of olive oil. What’s the truth behind that?

Will it risk your heart?

The study threw different results depending on the meal. Some groups reported no harmful changes. Others experienced a 34% decrease in blood flow. The difference seemed to lie in what accompanied the olive oil, though.

What’s the inner mechanism?

Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acids. Yet, they’re crucial compounds for our diets. Still, they seem to constrict blood vessels. Thus, it could increase coronary heart disease risks.

Luckily, the article does say that it doesn’t mean giving up. Olive oil has more benefits than risks. As such, it appears to be a matter of how you use it.

But, do olive’s oil health benefits outweigh the cons?

Well, according to BBC, it does. It uses an interesting observation to set the tone. France consumes more tobacco and saturated fats. Yet, they live longer than other populations.

It seems as if the Mediterranean Diet could be the culprit. Extra virgin oil is more common as well. To prove it, the article reported a 70-participant study. Each one would take olive oil daily, in 20 ml doses. It was uncooked oil as well.

After three and six weeks, the results were promising. The average coronary artery disease average measure fell. As such, olive oil’s health benefits pose a promising health supplement.

What makes a good olive oil?

Identifying quality olive oil is crucial to reap its benefits. Luckily, Olive Tomato has a great guide on it. You should look for the following:

  • Olive oil should have a fruity, fresh taste.
  • It should also be quite bitter. Just make sure it’s palatable for you.
  • Finally, the oil should leave a pungent feel at the back of your throat. It also reveals the presence of antioxidants.

The holistic takeaway

Olive oil health benefits´

Overall, olive oil is an outstanding addition to anyone’s diet. It lets you replace unhealthy fats while protecting yourself. Just keep an eye on how you use it. Avoiding fried foods is always a great idea, for instance.

If you need more help with your fat intake, I have a great option. The Fat Burning Kitchen is a great diet program for losing weight. It also lets you improve your heart and artery health.

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