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The First Steps To Optimize Your Metabolism: Easy Tips For Beginners

Apr 21, 2021Metabolism0 comments

Living healthier and losing weight is a primary goal for the majority of people. Every year starts with at least one friend saying they’ll eat better, join the gym, and more. Unfortunately, most of these resolutions don’t last more than a few months.

Why do they fail? Changing your lifestyle is a hefty challenge. You need to take things slowly and straightforward. Quitting meat is considerably harder than cutting meat a couple of days per week.

Today, we’ll break down common tips to boost your metabolism into manageable steps.

Understanding the fundamentals

Our metabolism is a complicated mechanism. It’s responsible for converting energy, synthesizing nutrients, and more. You don’t have to learn its intricacies.

However, you need to understand one thing: your metabolism provides energy. Essentially, increasing your energy needs boosts your metabolism. Exercise and different foods can help you burn those calories.

How does your metabolism change?

Your genes are primarily responsible for your metabolic rate. However, you can manipulate these processes to a degree. Your goal is simple: burning more calories.

You can do so with enough exercise. You can lose weight from body fat while boosting your metabolism. Working out demands that your body generates more energy. That’s why you might crave more food, especially if you wish to gain muscle mass.

10 scientifically-backed tips (simplified for newcomers)

Debates are plentiful regarding whether anyone can boost their metabolism. Not everyone agrees with certain foods and practices. Some recommend physical exercise while others say it does nothing.

Luckily, WebMD has a list of tips to accelerate your metabolism. They’re quite standard, though. We can’t recommend them to everyone. Our list will be easier for beginners.

Building muscle

Resistance training requires energy from your metabolism. You can start with bodyweight: a few squats and push-ups per day. Even a dozen repetitions daily add up.

Aerobic exercise

Cardio and similar exercises boost your blood flow and heart rate. It also helps your lungs, but you don’t have to run a mile every day. Try walking instead of driving to the store or your work as a start.

Drinking water

Dehydration can slow down your metabolism. You want to turn drinking water into a habit. A great beginner tip is to keep a glass with water by your desktop while you work at all times.

Energy drinks

Some ingredients in these beverages could boost your metabolism—mainly caffeine. Don’t overdo it, though. Consider having one before working out and not more.

Good snacks

Healthy snacks are amazing for reducing your meals’ size. They can also give you an energy boost before working out if you want to avoid energy drinks.

Spicy meals

Many experts believe that spicy foods can boost your metabolism a bit. Add a few chili peppers to your food now and then. Things will add up.

Eating protein

Digesting and synthesizing proteins burns energy instead of generating it. In other words, eating more protein burns calories. You can snack on nuts for a great quick fix.

Black coffee

Coffee is an essential source of caffeine. It can help you start your day with enough energy, so a single cup in the morning is fantastic.

Green tea

If you don’t like coffee—or you need an energy boost in the afternoon—green tea is perfect for the job. A cup of tea in the afternoon can give your metabolism a short boost.

Careful with diets

Finally, don’t cut calories from your diet. You might’ve heard you need fewer calories, yet they’re essential nutrients. You could lose muscle, which slows down your metabolism.

Our takeaway

Wishing to live a healthier life is one of the best goals for anyone. However, don’t let your enthusiasm carry you the entire way. Motivation is great, but you can feel burnt out quickly.

The best approach is to come up with an “easy” plan at first. You want to choose specific goals you can achieve without too much effort. Once you feel comfortable, you can start scaling said changes.


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