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Osteoporosis And Exercise: The Best For Osteoporosis Management?

Dec 6, 2021Bone Health0 comments

Osteoporosis and exercise share a close relationship. In my prevention tips, I mentioned exercise. That’s because osteoporosis management needs many approaches. Your diet can be great. But, working out is always a great addition.

That’s why the osteoporosis treatment is the same—even with menopause. Proper nutrition, exercise, and supplementation are key.

Today, we’ll dive into exercise exclusively. Let’s find out why it works.

What’s the relationship between osteoporosis and exercise?

In this article, I mentioned that exercise and weight could affect bone health. Likewise, this study offers the same theory.

Bone health issues come from formation and resorption. Resorption can exceed formation, which leads to bone loss. Inactivity tends to speed this process.

What are the best exercises for osteoporosis management?

So, using our bones is the best approach, right?

That leads us to strength training—primarily weights. Healthier muscles could increase mineral density in our bones. So, weight-bearing workouts are ideal for osteoporosis.

Osteopenia, osteoporosis, and exercise: The links

Bone loss can take two forms: osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Essentially, osteopenia refers to light bone loss. Ideally, our bone density score should be above -1. Osteopenia occurs when it falls between that and -2.5.

On the other hand, osteoporosis is the former getting worse. If that score dips under -2.5, it’s osteoporosis.

Luckily, exercise can help you in both stages.

Osteopenia management

Firstly, we have aerobic exercise. Experts used to believe it was bad for bone health. But, we must differentiate bone loss from adaptation to other body types. Now, endurance training seems to have a positive impact on mineral density.

For strength training, experts differ. At a young age, it’s proven to increase bone mass. But, impact and vibration exercises could be ideal for older people.

Osteoporosis management

For osteoporosis, strength training incurs the same response as aerobic exercise. Our bones adapt to our body types. Bone remodeling “fixes” weakening from repetitive strain.

But, weight training isn’t ideal in the older population. That strain can make injury more likely. So, “lighter” exercise is better.

Osteoporosis and exercise: How to implement it into your life

Finally, let’s condense what we’ve learned into practice. How can you start working out for osteoporosis management?

Luckily, Better Health has a fantastic guide. You must keep these 4 guidelines in mind.

But, remember: there’s no universal solution. My goal here is to give you a foundation. You must use this advice to come up with a program.

Decide the best exercise program for you

Firstly, you must consider your body and fitness. Your age, ability, and physical fitness are vital. Osteoporosis severity also demands different approaches. Finally, assess other medical conditions and current treatments.

Focus on osteoporosis management

There are exercises for everything. You should find something ideal for osteoporosis specifically. With that in mind, resistance training is ideal. Prioritize strength-building workouts.

Weight-bearing workouts aren’t the only choice

But, those aren’t your only options. Water exercise, like swimming and hydrotherapy, can help. Likewise, walking is a great introduction if your fitness is subpar. Just make sure to build difficulty and intensity with time.

What exercises should you avoid?

Finally, not all exercises are good for osteoporosis management. Avoid falling risks and forceful movements and twists. You should also stay away from flexing your spine too much.

The holistic takeaway

osteoporosis and exercise woman doing exercise with weight

Osteoporosis and exercise take time and effort. You won’t turn your health around in a day. But, the long-term results are worth any investment.

Even better, you don’t need expensive equipment and memberships. Adding any physical activity is already a great start. Thus, take your time and don’t stretch your limits too much.

With that in mind, let me recommend you a workout plan. The Bone Density Solution is a great program. It offers all the guidelines you need to improve your bone health.

For more information, my official review is over here!


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