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Osteoporosis Health Factors: 3 Steps To Preventing Osteoporosis

Oct 15, 2021Bone Health0 comments

A few months ago, I covered the main lifestyle risks for osteoporosis. Naturally, they depend on life and health habits. However, nearly all of them relate to three fundamental osteoporosis health factors.

These fundamentals are our topic for today.

This 2004 study focused on habits and knowledge about the disease in El Salvador. It narrowed them down into three main areas.

Of course, I’ll also recommend you an excellent ally to fight this condition.

Why should we recognize these osteoporosis health factors?

Now, osteoporosis does have genetics among its causes. Thus, family history is a considerable risk factor. That said, lifestyle and habits are the primary risk factors behind it.

Recognizing them is a crucial first step to prevent—and even treat—osteoporosis. You can also act on these areas immediately. Naturally, they let you develop guidelines for preventing osteoporosis.

The 3 crucial osteoporosis health factors

The study evaluated general osteoporosis-relevant habits and knowledge. It separated subjects into three age groups as well. Unfortunately, it found that most women lack the necessary habits for preventing osteoporosis.

But, which are these osteoporosis health factors? They split mainly into three groups: learning, exercise, and nutrition.

Yes, most subjects failed in preventing osteoporosis effectively. Yet, the necessary changes aren’t particularly difficult.

Knowledge about preventing osteoporosis

The first step is to learn the basics of osteoporosis. That includes causes, prevention, and possible treatments. Learning that is the foundation for the other osteoporosis health factors. It’ll shed light on what you must change.

Physical activity

Of course, physical activity is vital for strengthening our muscles and bones. It improves our bone support by muscles. Moreover, a sedentary lifestyle is a fundamental risk factor for osteoporosis.

Nutrition and diets

Finally, nutrition directly relates to most osteoporosis risk factors. Primarily, that includes dietary calcium intake and supplementation. Yet, we should also learn which nutrients and chemicals alter our bone health.

The holistic takeaway

Osteoporosis health factors bones xray

Preventing osteoporosis can be difficult with today’s hectic lifestyles. Yet, small steps go a long way. The information shown in the study is the foundation for those steps. Primarily, identifying osteoporosis health factors is already huge.

The others may come with time. You shouldn’t stress yourself overhauling your lifestyle. Adding a few changes every week is often enough.

Speaking of changes, that takes us to my recommendation. I want to point you to The Bone Density Solution. The program combines nutrition, workout, and lifestyle changes. Thus, it presents a holistic approach to preventing osteoporosis.

For more information, feel free to check out my review!


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