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Osteoporosis Risk From Your Lifestyle: Common Warning Signs

Aug 6, 2021Bone Health0 comments

Osteoporosis is among the most common age-related conditions. Essentially, it refers to irregularities in bone mass and structure. But, we shouldn’t mistake it for natural bone density decrease.

Make sure to check out that article from the Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center. It has everything you need to know about it. Today, we’ll go through the most common osteoporosis risk factors.

What does science say about your lifestyle? That’s what I’ll answer today. Additionally, I’ll share a great product in the end. Make sure to read all the way if you need help!

Low calcium, protein, and vitamin D increase osteoporosis risk

These three nutrients are crucial for your bones. Calcium has always been synonymous with bone health. Low protein correlates with bone loss. Finally, vitamin D could be responsible for preventing osteoporosis.

Lacking physical activity weakens your bones

Naturally, not using your muscles weakens them. However, the same could happen to your bones. Exercise seems to prevent bone loss and increase its mass. High-strain rates appear more effective.

Weight issues affect bone health

Obesity and nutrition share a close relationship. Therefore, obesity has similar disadvantages. Many of its complications can translate into poor bone health.

Professional help is crucial against osteoporosis risk

There’s little reason to explain why doctors are crucial. Missing your checks makes problems go unnoticed. As such, make sure to seek help if you feel anything out of place. Osteoporosis symptoms may take a while to show. Don’t skip your regular checks.

Avoid physical trauma as you age

Age is crucial when considering bone density. As we grow old, bone loss accelerates considerably. Therefore, physical trauma becomes more dangerous.

Alcohol and smoking disrupt bone density

These two substances have similar repercussions. This study suggested that light drinkers might have a lower hip fracture risk. However, consuming over 2 daily drinks increases the risk considerably.

On the other hand, smoking is alike. Cigarette smoking increases fracture chances throughout the body.

The holistic takeaway

osteoporosis risk human body with DNA

Osteoporosis can hinder your daily life. However, there’s no reason to let it get out of hand. A few lifestyle changes can do wonders against your osteoporosis risk. Taking the first step is the hardest part.

There’s one product that can make your life considerably easier. I’m talking about The Bone Density Solution. It’s a straightforward guide with information and methods to help you.

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