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The Paleo Vegan Diet: Why The Vegetarian Paleo Diet Isn’t A Good Idea

Jul 16, 2021Food & Nutrition0 comments

Today, I’m tackling the paleo vegan diet. If that name rings a bell, it’s hopefully because you know it’s among the worst diets ever. Also known as the vegetarian paleo diet, or pegan diet, it combines two diets.

Does that mean it draws from the best of both worlds? That’s not really the case. However, don’t worry. You’ll learn why that happens. Additionally, I’ll let you in on my alternative recommendation.

What is the paleo vegan diet?

USA Today has a great breakdown of this diet. Essentially, it’s a combination of vegan and paleo diets. We can summarize them, respectively, as follows:

  • No animal-based foods.
  • No processed foods.

As such, the vegetarian paleo diet focuses on those areas. It only allows for a vegan diet that doesn’t rely on processed foods.

How is the vegetarian paleo diet different?

Unfortunately, the diet is among the most restrictive programs I’ve covered. You must eat whole and organic foods. Simultaneously, you restrict your diet to vegetables. That means not eating meat, but also legumes—which provide protein to most vegans.

What’s the vegetarian paleo diet menu plan?

It’s essentially a vegan diet. You’ll primarily eat vegetables, some nuts and seeds, and good fats. You should avoid meats, dairy, and gluten. The same goes for peanuts, most legumes, and other grains.

However, some iterations are more flexible. Goat milk is a common addition. Likewise, some eat quinoa and similar foods. Yet, that’s not strictly paleo vegan. Some also consume minuscule amounts of fish and other meats.

Alleged benefits of the vegetarian paleo diet

Primarily, it’s a weight loss diet. Additionally, it can help people with certain food intolerances and digestive issues. Others claim it’s an effective transition to vegetarian and vegan diets. Unfortunately, most benefits are anecdotal. There’s lacking research behind this diet.

Is it the same as other restrictive diets?

The answer is “yes and no.” Yes, the approach is similar to the Keto diet. It eliminates certain nutrients while promoting certain eating habits. However, it’s a lot more restrictive than most other diets. The vegetarian paleo diet menu plan is more limited than more programs.

What’s the problem with the paleo vegan diet?

Yes, the problem is the same as most diets I’ve covered. It focuses on eliminating foods instead of nutritional balance. Let’s go through the most prominent issues with the paleo vegan diet.

If you wish to learn more, make sure to visit Abbey’s Kitchen and BetterMe.

The vegetarian paleo diet is extremely restrictive

Firstly, this diet eliminates too many nutrients. People always debate whether vegans consume enough protein. However, most vegans get protein from eating different grains and legumes.

The vegetarian paleo diet eliminates most of those legumes. As such, it exacerbates the issues with vegan diets.

The vegetarian paleo diet menu plan doesn’t offer enough benefits

As mentioned, the benefits are already fairly limited. You can lose weight and improve certain digestive issues. However, the disadvantages outweigh these benefits considerably.

There are indirect problems with the paleo vegan diet

The paleo vegan diet also causes issues in other areas. For instance, hanging out with friends can be difficult because you can’t eat the same foods.

However, it also has financial consequences. The diet can be surprisingly expensive, especially if you want to balance your nutrition.

The paleo vegan diet is hard to follow

All these problems converge in one result. It’s among the hardest diets around. Primarily, it requires lots of discipline. The same goes for financial and even physical endurance. It’s not a diet for everyone. Most people fail to follow this plan.

The holistic takeaway

Paleo Vegan Diet Skillet with Vegetables

The paleo vegan diet might be the worst diet I’ve covered so far. The claims are outlandish, especially considering the lack of research. Furthermore, we can consider the substantial research contradicting said claims.

Safe to say, you’re better off avoiding this diet. The best way to lose weight is always a holistic effort. You must eat balanced and exercise.

That’s why my alternative is The Cinderella Solution. This weight loss program combines proper food combinations and effective workouts. Make sure to check it out if you want to make an effective change!


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