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Posture and Back Pain: How Are They Related?

Dec 1, 2022Body Pain0 comments

Posture and back pain are almost synonymous. Everyone knows that posture is the most common reason behind the pain. It’s why you often feel back pain while working. Likewise, your sleeping posture can also induce back pain.

Of course, you can do a lot to relieve your back pain. You can see a doctor or visit a chiropractor. You can also try exercises, as long as you do them properly. But, most approaches pale in comparison to your posture.

But, how are they related? And, how can you use them to your advantage?

The most common posture mistakes people make

The main problem with posture and back pain is that people don’t realize what they do wrong. That’s why everyone makes posture mistakes every day. Let’s summarize the most common errors.

The first problem is slouching when we’re sitting. This position can feel comfortable most of the time. However, it may tense your muscles, causing pain. It can also form a habit that’s hard to break.

Then, I have to talk about standing posture. Your back should always be straight. That means neither flattening nor sticking out your bottom. Likewise, avoid leaning your head forward too much. Leaning on one leg is also a bad idea.

Finally, don’t hunch your back or poke your chin. You can see how these mistakes appear minor. Yet, they can add up and hurt your posture.

What’s the relationship between posture and back pain?

As I clarified, your posture makes you more or less likely to suffer back pain. But, back pain can also affect your posture. The link between back pain and your posture can create a vicious cycle.

Your posture weakens your back muscle endurance. Then, this issue increases your chances of suffering back pain. To feel more comfortable, you might slouch and adopt a poor posture. At first, it might relieve the pain. But, it worsens the primary cause as well.

How can you relieve back pain with good posture exercises?

So, your posture and back pain are deeply connected. What does that mean for you? How can you take advantage of this link? Luckily, Harvard Health has four fantastic tips. Let’s summarize them.

  • Imagine a straight line from the floor to the ceiling, crossing through your body. Try to align your upper back and neck with this line. Think of it as stretching your head toward the ceiling.
  • Use shoulder blade squeezes to fix your position quickly. Keep your chin leveled and shoulders down. Then, draw your shoulders back to squeeze your upper back. Hold this for a few seconds.
  • Use corners or door frames to straighten your back. Hold your hands against the wall, elbows at shoulder height. Place one foot ahead and lean toward the door or corner. This will stretch your chest and align your spine.
  • Finally, stretch your arms across your chest to lose upper back tension. Raise an arm in front of you. Use the other arm to pull it across your chest and feel the stretch. Repeat as necessary.

Making good posture part of your daily life

Of course, it’s great to be mindful of your posture and fix it when you realize it’s bad. Yet, you want to make good posture a habit. That’s how you can turn posture and back pain against each other. Let’s see what MedlinePlus has to say.

First, you have to be aware of your posture at the start. Check your posture constantly to evaluate how you’re standing or sitting. With time, this will become second nature. Staying physically active and keeping a healthy weight are also great.

So, make sure you take brief walks often, especially when sitting. You don’t want to sit for too long. Also, while sitting, stretch your muscles gently now and then. Make sure your shoulders, legs, and back are relaxed.

Naturally, your goal is to make it as natural as possible. Thus, get a chair that supports your back. Plus, keep your work surfaces at a comfortable height. Lastly, having comfortable, low-heeled footwear can help, too.

The holistic takeaway

posture and back pain - points simulating a skeleton with a red point in the lower back

Posture and back pain go hand-in-hand all the time. Working on the former can help you improve the latter. So, don’t take it for granted. Stay mindful of your posture and fix it as often as possible.

With time, you’ll do it unconsciously.

To help you, let me recommend The Back Pain Breakthrough. This program explains, step by step, how to fix your spine alignment. Anyone can follow it effortlessly.

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