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Pre-Workout Food: What’s The Best Pre-Workout Meal?

Aug 17, 2021Food & Nutrition0 comments

I’ve already talked about nutrition timing. There, I touched on pre-workout food. However, we didn’t break down the best pre-workout meals. Today, I’m solving that.

I’ll break down the guidelines for the best pre-workout meal. However, I won’t give you a recipe or cookbook. You’ll learn how to craft them.

Don’t worry, though. I have a great recipe book to help your workouts.

What does pre-workout food need?

WebMD has an excellent introduction to workout meals. Naturally, pre-workout foods need plenty of energy. Thus, carbs are a must.

On the other hand, protein isn’t as crucial. Yes, you’ll need some. Yet, it’s much better for your post-workout meals.

Fundamentals for the best pre-workout meal

As the original article states, you should follow these five guidelines:

  • Low fat.
  • Low fiber.
  • Moderate protein and carbs.
  • Plenty of fluids.
  • Tolerable.

I’ll explain these in a bit.

What about exercising on empty?

An empty stomach can be fine or bad, depending on what you’ll do. Walking or jogging a bit shouldn’t be an issue. Yet, intense routines need fuel to complete. Strength training or extensive cardio are great examples.

The truth about carbs

Carbs aren’t bad. Quite the contrary, they’re crucial for fueling your body and brain during workouts. Naturally, you’ll need more carbs as your workouts become longer and more intense.

Analyzing the pre-workout food fundamentals

Now, I’ve already touched on the five basics. Yet, we haven’t learned why they’re crucial. Let’s go through the science behind their claims.

Low fat

Fat can hinder your endurance and power output. This study found that a high-fat, moderate-protein diet can deter fitness goals.

Carbs and protein

Carbs are energy. Naturally, consuming them before working out can boost your performance. Protein follows a similar story. It doesn’t directly improve exercise performance. Yet, it speeds up muscle recovery and growth.

Low fiber

Fiber isn’t good or bad for working out. As such, there’s no need to prioritize it over carbs or protein. It’s mainly up to you, but make sure you add the other nutrients first.


This one barely needs explanation. Hydration is crucial for athletic performance. That’s true regardless of what workouts you’ll do. Plenty of water or a smoothie before hitting the gym would be ideal.


Finally, don’t try new meals before working out. Digestive issues can wreck your exercise performance. No one wants to feel sick at the gym. As such, stick to meals you know won’t harm you.

Best pre-workout meal examples

Now, let’s apply that to a few meals. Luckily, Healthline covers a similar topic in this article. With a similar theoretical pillar, these recipes stick to our guidelines.

Let’s also split them depending on your availability. As in the original article, we’ll consider how much time you have.

If you have plenty of time

Sparing over two hours means an egg omelet is a great idea. Lean protein and roasted veggies are also fantastic. Finally, whole-grain bread and some fruit can complement the dish.

If you have moderate time

For workouts starting in two hours, a protein smoothie is amazing. Again, adding bananas and berries is a great choice. Some whole-grain cereal, cereal, and almonds can add some protein.

If you don’t have much time

Finally, sometimes you only have an hour or less. In these cases, fruits become a lifesaver. Some greek yogurt can provide a healthy quick fix as well. Nutrition bars are fine as well, but make sure they’re organic.

The holistic takeaway

pre-workout food

Pre-workout food can be tricky if you don’t understand what makes good meals. However, these tips should make your life considerably easy. Merely stick to the five main guidelines, and you’ll be fine.

Additionally, I can help you if you need a bit more aid. I’ve already covered The Fat Burning Kitchen. That’s this article’s recommendation. It offers great recipes to help you boost your workout results.

If you wish to learn more, my review is over here!


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