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Quick Fixes For Emotional Health: Psychological Hacks You Can Use Today

May 18, 2021Mental Health0 comments

Emotional health is complicated. The amount of bad advice on the internet only makes it more challenging. Emotional fixes come in multiple forms, including products and supplements. Despite their promises, you need to assess what works.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of effective emotional fixes. Don’t worry about some of these tips not working. These emotional hacks won’t cost you more than a few minutes.

Tackling emotional issues upfront: What can you do?

The first step is to make a few positive changes to your life. Lifehack has plenty of tips for this purpose. However, don’t replace professional counseling and treatment with these quick fixes.

In fact, these tips will be more effective if you’re already undergoing therapy or treatments.

Keep medication accessible

Abiding by medication guidelines is crucial. You need to stick to the times indicated by your doctor if you want all the benefits. Keeping your medication where you can’t miss it build the habit. It can be your sink, desk, or wherever you spend more time.

Think about what makes you happy

A purpose is critical for everyone. If you feel depressed, think about why you could feel like that. However, also consider what could bring you joy and peace. For instance, prioritize reaching out to friends if you’re feeling lonely.

Fix your environment

Speaking of reaching out, gathering with your friends could help. That’s not the only solution, though. Surround yourself with things you like and make you happy. Decorating your room and office with nice pictures is a great start.

Write down what boosts your mood

Make a list of everything you know that can boost your mood. For instance, you can list movies and series that typically make you laugh. Don’t focus solely on medication and therapy. Keep adding easy things you can do to feel better.

Keep a journal

Finally, report how you’ve felt during the day. Focus on what triggers certain emotions, how you react, and the results. Add both positive and negative episodes. It’ll allow you to find patterns of what works and what doesn’t.

Need a quick anxiety fix? Try acupressure!

Sometimes, anxiety simply attacks, and you feel like there’s nothing you can do. You might be starting your treatment, for instance. Sudden anxiety episodes are more than frustrating. They can mess with your performance regardless of what you’re doing.

Thankfully, acupressure could offer immediate relief in some cases. Again, don’t replace professional advice with these recommendations. Research backing acupressure is still somewhat weak.

However, you’ll barely lose a few minutes if it doesn’t work.

Hall of impression

This point is between your eyebrows. Pressure in this spot could reduce stress and anxiety. Apply pressure with a finger and massage it for about five minutes.

Heavenly gate

This gate lies on your ear’s upper shell, in the hollow spot. Place your thumb flat over your ears, and the point should be at the tip. You can apply pressure and massage in circles for a couple of minutes. This point can also help with insomnia.

Shoulder well

Find the depression where your shoulder parts from your neck. You should find a muscle you can pinch with your fingers. Pinch it with your thumb and middle finger while massaging it with your index finger. A few seconds should be enough, and it’s also effective against muscle tension.

Union valley

The “union valley” point lies between your thumb and index finger. You’ll feel a ball-like joint in that webbing area. Massage it with your index finger and thumb for a few seconds.

Great surge

This point is a couple of fingers below your big and second toe intersection. It’s a hollow area above the bone. Apply pressure on this point for a few seconds.

Inner frontier gate

Finally, this point is between your forearm tendons. Extend one arm with your palm facing upward. The point is about three fingers under your wrist, between the tendons you’ll feel. If you press on it, your hand will close slightly. Massage this point for a few seconds.

The holistic takeaway

These tips should give you plenty of tools to improve your emotional health. The improvements won’t be the same as professional results. Luckily, they’re free and won’t cause any complications.

From all the recommendations, we advise you to follow the first group primarily. They’re simple and can aid almost any treatment approach. You can do most of them today in a couple of hours at most.


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