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Reasons For Blurry Vision: Why You Might Have Poor Vision

Jul 23, 2021Vision0 comments

Weeks ago, I covered why our eyesight worsens with age. In that article, I pointed out that poor vision isn’t because of aging. Aging merely increases the chances of other problems developing. Yet, I never covered those reasons for blurry vision.

Today, I’m solving that. I’ll go through your vision’s common risks. Moreover, I’ll point you toward an amazing product that can help you with it. Make sure to read until the end!

Is age among the reasons for blurry vision?

But first, let’s summarize why age rarely matters in vision quality. For that, we’ll go back to Scientific American. As they explain, age can be a risk factor. However, it’s not a cause by itself.

That’s not entirely the case

Now, age has something to do with poor vision. Luckily, today’s treatments allow us to keep our eye health in top shape. In other words, age is rarely an irreversible risk. On the other hand, it does open the doors for other issues.

There are many reasons for blurry vision

Our eyesight depends on four structures. They go from our eyes to the brain. Each one has a role. As such, damage to any can harm our vision. Additionally, several conditions and habits can harm our sight.

Age merely means possibilities

Age can be relevant for poor vision. But, it’s solely because more time means more things can happen. We just have to make sure we care for our eyes. That includes regular checks and habit changes.

What reasons for blurry vision experts mention?

Now, I’d like to point you to this article by Primera Eye Care. Primarily, eyesight problems are hereditary. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t harm your eyes. Certain habits can hinder your vision.

Let’s go through the science behind each cause.

Screen time

Digital eye strain is a term for a reason. As this review details, many potential causes can be responsible for vision damage. Primarily, physical strain seems to be the top cause.

Poor hydration

The cornea is highly dependent on hydration. Therefore, poor hydration can “dry” your eyes and disrupt your vision. Thankfully, regularly drinking water is enough.

Bad nutrition

Likewise, poor eating habits can translate into vision deterioration. Naturally, antioxidants are the best allies. However, supplementing vitamins and vitamins can slow down natural ocular deterioration.

Lacking sleep

Sleep is vital for virtually everything in our health. Vision isn’t the exception. This study has found that sleep disorders correlated with glaucoma patients.

Rubbing eyes

There’s little reason to justify why eye rubbing is a problem. Even at first glance, you’re applying friction to a delicate area.

Skipping exams

Everyone skips eye exams now and then. They can be tedious or intimidating for many. However, it’s the same as with general health. Miss your exams, and you’ll likely let problems run unnoticed.

Smoking and poor vision

Smoking cessation has gained attention for ocular treatment. Cataracts and macular degeneration often link back to smoking.

Too much sunlight

UV rays can damage your eyes. Additionally, the risks go beyond staring at the sun. Sunlight can reflect from cement, snow, and water. Equipment using UV (like tanning beds) can damage your eyes as well.

The holistic takeaway

Reasons for blurry vision glasses on table

Poor vision is considerably more common today. We can attribute a lot of that to current living standards and the digital age. Sadly, we can’t eliminate screen time and other issues. At least, we can’t do it without hindering our lives.

Luckily, there’s a lot of help available. ReVision is among that aid. However, it uses an innovative approach. Its formula aids your general cognition. It strengthens how your brain interprets visual cues.

If you’re interested, check out my review here!


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