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Short Term Memory Loss Causes: Why Do We Forget So Much?

Apr 21, 2022Memory Loss0 comments

It might not sound too problematic. You forget something you did yesterday. Or, maybe someone gave you a number this morning. It’s not life or death. So, we tend not to pay attention to short-term memory loss causes.

But, it’s a problem that’s become more prevalent with time. Global stress, financial turmoil, and more contribute to it.

So, what’s behind it?

Short-Term Memory Loss Cause #1: Aging

We tend to see memory loss as a natural aging sign. And, it’s not that far from the truth. There’s a reason why it’s the first pointer in this Healthline article. But, it’s worth noting that aging doesn’t always translate into memory loss.

Why does it happen?

An aging brain tends to shrink and loosen its neuronal connections. The same goes for blood flow. In other words, our brains “weaken” with age. Luckily, age-related memory loss is typically manageable.

Short-Term Memory Loss Cause #2: Dementia

Dementia is definitely a more complex subject. As Mayo Clinic describes, it encompasses several symptoms. It’s usually gradual and worsens with time. In these cases, the normal ability to function decreases.

Why does it happen?

There are several types of dementia—and causes. Alzheimer’s is easily the most common one. But, vascular dementia—usually from strokes—is also fairly common. In all cases, the pathology damages our brains.

Short-Term Memory Loss Cause #3: Mild Cognitive Impairment

MCI is a common short-term memory loss cause. This term describes noticeable memory issues that don’t affect daily function. In other words, it’s not as severe as dementia. Yet, it can disrupt daily and minor tasks.

Why does it happen?

The symptoms feel like a lesser version of dementia. And, it shares many causes. For instance, we have age, diabetes, and stroke. It can also be an early sign of a serious condition. But, that’s not true in all cases.

Short-Term Memory Loss Cause #4: Medications and substance abuse

WebMD lists several substances that can contribute to overall memory loss. Many medications and substances can interfere with our memory. Likewise, alcohol and even smoking cigarettes can be culprits.

Why does it happen?

Marijuana and similar drugs disrupt how our neurons function and communicate. Alcohol intoxication makes it harder to coordinate overall. The same can happen with several prescription drugs. Antidepressants and antianxiety medication are the main culprits.

Short-Term Memory Loss Cause #5: Damage to the brain

Head injuries, infections, stroke, tumors, and more are on this list. Naturally, direct damage to the brain is a surefire way to mess with its function. The result is often memory loss. In fact, head trauma can make you forget anything that happened at that moment.

Why does it happen?

This short-term memory loss cause is straightforward. Other factors change how our brains work over time. On the other hand, direct damage is instant. You could lose your short-term memories in seconds or minutes.

Short-Term Memory Loss Cause #6: Emotional stress

Finally, stress causes brain fog. It interferes with our ability to focus. Well, the same happens with memory. And, it’s arguably the most complex cause of short-term memory loss.

Why does it happen?

Stress changes how we create memories. For instance, it’s harder to create short-term memories. The same goes for turning them into long-term ones. We also remember different things than when we’re calm.

The holistic takeaway

short term memory loss causes picture of a man with puzzle pieces in his head

Of course, not all short-term memory loss causes are preventable. But, you can do a lot to keep most at bay.

Make sure you’re working out, eating healthy, and taking the right supplement.

For the last one, my recommendation is ProMind Complex. It’s the best choice to improve your focus and memory.

To learn how it works, check out my review!


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