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Should Women Train Differently? The Truth Behind Sex And Fitness

Mar 21, 2022Exercise - Fitness0 comments

A while ago, I covered the fitness differences between men and women. Of course, both sides are different. That goes for hormones, muscles, and more. But, should women train differently?

That’s a different question.

Being “built different” doesn’t mean living the same way. That said, men have some physical advantages over women. We can say the same for the opposite.

So, what’s the truth?

In theory, women shouldn’t train differently than men

We can summarize the answer into one: no. Most people think women have to train differently. The reasons include building too much muscle and more.

Of course, these worries related mostly to image. And, they’re largely untrue. Women simply don’t build muscle in the same way as men.

Being “built like men” isn’t a problem

Resistance training (weights) is the best way to tone your body. That’s true for men and women. And, that doesn’t mean that you’ll build muscle like men.

Women’s muscles work and develop differently. Plus, women lack men’s testosterone levels. That means building big muscles without supplementation isn’t possible.

Your training goals matter more than whether women should train differently

You shouldn’t think about how sexes should train. Instead, focus on what you want to achieve. In all cases, the methods are the same.

Weight training is better for toning and boosting your metabolism. Cardio is better to build endurance and burning calories.

Your workouts depend on your objectives—not gender.

But, sex might play a role in training

That said, it’s not like both sexes work in the same way. Women’s Health Mag believes the answer is a bit more complex.

Hormones, muscles, and overall physiology differ quite heavily. So, women are better and worse in some areas. Working with that in mind can improve your results.

So, why should women train differently? Where does the belief come from?

As I mentioned, women are quite different in many ways. So, women should train differently to optimize their results. Working out like men can work. Yet, you can do more.

Luckily, both ABC and Fitness Volt have great insight. Let’s summarize their reasoning below.

Men and women have physical tendencies

Firstly, women and men have different structures. For instance, men tend to be stronger. But, women are more flexible.

Of course, that isn’t always true. But, each sex has an easier time with certain workouts. That’s worth considering in a holistic fitness program.

Women should train differently in certain areas because of their advantages

Women have many fitness advantages over men. They’re better at the following:

  • Metabolic stress tolerance.
  • Resting between sets.
  • Recovering.
  • High-fat diets.
  • Increasing volume.

Yes, you can train with the same program as men. But, tweaking it a little offers better results. Adapting will make your life a lot easier.

Sometimes, it’s better to play to your strengths

Lastly, the final reason is quite simple. Why would you handicap yourself? Obvious advantages are there for a reason.

Working out is already a lengthy project. Starting can be tedious as well. So, using your edge can make the road smoother.

The holistic takeaway

should women train differently woman training in front of mirror

Then, should women train differently? They don’t NEED to do it. But, they can benefit from “playing to their advantages.”

In other words, “should” doesn’t equal “need.” You don’t have to worry about common misconceptions. Yet, you might find solid results by adapting your workouts.

How can you do that?

The Cinderella Solution is always a recommendation for a reason. It goes through nutrition, workout, and more. During the entire program, women are the main target. So, you can make the most out of your sex!

To learn more about it, check out my review!


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