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8 Common Sleep Mistakes You Probably Make (And Can Fix Tonight)

Apr 30, 2021Sleeping0 comments

Sleep is fundamental for everyone’s lives. However, too many people fail to sleep properly during the night. Since sleep is vital for everything we do, you should fix any mistakes you’re making.

Luckily, most people make the same mistakes regarding sleep. Why luckily? Because these mistakes have nearly instant fixes. Let’s dive into them and what you can do to get on track.

Not unwinding before bed

If you’re still stressed, avoid going to bed right away. Your heart rate, brain activity, and other factors define whether you can sleep—and how well you do it. Don’t go to bed while your mind is still racing.

How can you fix it?

Create a routine that tells your brain “it’s time to sleep.” Its length can vary. You can take a shower, listen to something relaxing, read a book, having a drink, and more.

Blue light during bed

However, try not to unwind by watching videos until you fall asleep. Blue light keeps your brain active, so watching TV or playing video games in bed is a bad idea.

How can you fix it?

The best strategy is to leave your electronics outside your bedroom—or at least turned off. However, you might not have to. You could download a blue light filter as well!

Too much caffeine

Most people drink coffee and caffeinated drinks. That’s not the problem. However, drinking caffeine in the late afternoon keeps you active during bedtime. Furthermore, most of us need caffeine because we sleep poorly!

How can you fix it?

Avoid caffeine after the early afternoon. That could be a challenge if you’re working, so do it during holidays. As you sleep better, your sleepiness will decrease throughout the day.

Too much alcohol before sleep

If you’re drunk, you’ll feel sleepy. That’s natural, but passing out isn’t the same as sleeping. Sleeping with too much alcohol in your body will greatly decrease your sleep quality.

How can you fix it?

Thankfully, you don’t have to give up your bedtime cocktail or beer. Just keep the volume low. A beer or two should be more than enough to unwind and feel relaxed for bed.

High body temperatures

Lowering our body temperature is part of sleep’s physiological effects. It’s also relevant to guarantee we sleep correctly. If your body is too hot, you’ll have trouble falling asleep.

How can you fix it?

Keep your temperature low. You could buy a thermostat, air conditioning, or just sleep without a blanket. Just ensure you’re feeling cool enough before bed.

Catching up on sleep

Everyone’s fallen for this plan: I’ll catch up on lost sleep during the weekend. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. You simply can’t store “sleep time” for the rest of the week.

How can you fix it?

Unfortunately, the only strategy is to sleep enough. However, you don’t have to get six to eight hours every night. Consider adopting alternative sleep cycles that could offer more flexibility.

Underestimating your sleeping needs

Finally, we tend to think we can do without enough sleep. Have you thought you can merely power through the day? How did that go? Additionally, don’t think it’ll work two or three days in a row. It’s the same as not eating or drinking water for a day.

How can you fix it?

Schedule your day. Ensure you have enough time to sleep every night and stop everything as you unwind before bed.

The holistic takeaway

If you’re guilty of these mistakes, you’ve just learned what you can do about it. However, don’t hesitate to find professional help or products to help you if it’s too difficult.

Sleeping habits are part of our lifestyle, so changing them is a prominent challenge. The best approach changes for everyone. Take your time to find what works best for you.


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