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Stress And Blood Pressure – Spotting And Preventing Common Blood Pressure Causes

Jul 6, 2021Mental Health0 comments

I’ve already talked about how stress can cause pain. However, there’s more. Stress is a primary enemy for countless people. For instance, stress and blood pressure seem to share an intimate connection.

That said, how do they work together? Why is stress a blood pressure cause? What can you do about it?

I’m about to answer those questions.

What’s the link between stress and blood pressure?

The connection between stress and blood pressure is obscure. Stress can heighten your blood pressure for a moment. However, experts don’t know if long-term complications are possible.

On the other hand, the relationship could be indirect. Stress results in several behaviors and conditions that relate directly to blood pressure.

Stressed behaviors

Alcoholism, smoking, and binge-eating tie to stress. These behaviors increase your heart risks considerably. They share a direct link as high blood pressure causes.

Stress-related conditions

Some psychological conditions tie to heart disease. Many of these conditions often come from extreme stress. Anxiety and social isolation are great examples. Likewise, depression can result in heart disease.

Blood pressure cause? Hypertension from stress

This study goes through psychosocial stress and hypertension. Interestingly, it breaks down multiple stress sources. All of them seem to share a close relationship with blood pressure causes.

Work stress

Many studies have associated work strain with high blood pressure and hypertension. Chronic stress often comes from hefty workloads. This chronic aspect demands more attention.

Social stress

Social isolation and relationship issues also correlate with cardiovascular diseases. Particularly, social isolation can delay the recovery from blood pressure shifts.

Financial stress

Socioeconomic status often results in high stress. Moreover, hypertension patterns seem to relate to low statuses. The same is true for recovery from said patterns and nocturnal dips in pressure.

Why does it happen?

Experts still discuss the underlying mechanism. The sympathetic nervous system seems to be most likely. Its responses have received plenty of attention.

Stressors often trigger a cardiovascular response. In some people, these reactions can be exaggerated. Thus, it could shed crucial light on the link between stress and hypertension.

How can you reduce stress and blood pressure?

Naturally, our main goal is relaxing. Therefore, it’s great that you can do many things to get there. You merely need to start somewhere.

Thankfully, the Harvard Medical School has seven outstanding tips. You can do lots more, but these are great first steps.


Sleep ties to everything. Stress isn’t an exception. For instance, poor sleep disrupts your energy and alertness levels. As such, it’s an ideal start.


Meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises are fantastic for reducing stress. Consider scheduling daily yoga or meditation hours to battle common stressors.


Reaching out to your friends is great for almost everything. However, meeting new people can also help a lot. Make sure to look at these socialization hacks before you go!


Setting a time for everything lets you be more efficient. Solving problems and productivity can make you feel noticeably better.


Speaking of problem resolution, prioritize stressful situations. It’s best if you solve these complications. It’ll make stress disappear almost instantly.


Treat yourself now and then. For instance, go for a tasty meal or a massage at the end of the week. Relate these rewards to fulfilling your responsibilities.


Finally, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. If stress and anxiety persist, contact a professional. Don’t see that as a “last-ditch” effort. It can streamline your efforts as well.

The holistic takeaway

You shouldn’t overlook stress and blood pressure. Obviously, the second one is more dangerous. Yet, stress manifests in multiple complications if you neglect it. Make sure to take immediate action if you feel stress gets out of hand.

If you need more help, you should check out my recommendation for handling blood pressure. The Blood Pressure Program focuses on tension release. As such, it’s the best approach for these blood pressure causes.


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