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Stress And Brain Fog: Do Our Brains Fail With Stress?

Jul 15, 2021Mental Health0 comments

Stress And Brain Fog: Do Our Brains Fail With Stress?

Today, brain fog seems to be everywhere. I’ve already covered what stress can do to your body. However, stress and brain fog share an important connection.

In this article, you’ll learn that link. If you desire better mental clarity, I also have some recommendations. I’ll tell you about a nice product that can help you.

Before stress and brain fog: What is brain fog?

Firstly, let’s go through what’s brain fog. Luckily, WebMD has a great definition. Brain fog refers to general difficulty to think. That includes memory issues and poor focus. It generally feels as if your brain is tired or racing.

However, brain fog isn’t a condition. It’s often a symptom of another problem. Stress and anxiety are common causes.

Does it have a diagnosis?

Brain fog isn’t a medical condition. That said, it’s a common signal toward other issues. Mental health and problematic lifestyles are common causes.

Yet, nutritional deficiencies and diseases can cause it as well. For instance, poor kidney and liver function can cause brain fog. Infections and inflammation do the same.

What’s the link between stress and brain fog?

Stress and brain fog descriptive image

Plenty of studies have shed light on the connection between the two. Interestingly, they’re not focused on stress.

However, their conclusions point toward stress and anxiety. For instance, lack of sleep and fatigue are common stress consequences.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Firstly, chronic fatigue syndrome (or CFS) is a common connection. This study suggested a link between CFS and high neuropsychological impairment. Memory and information processing weren’t considerably hindered. However, their speed suffered noticeably.

Physical and mental fatigue from stress and brain fog

Chronic fatigue has repercussions on the mind and body. Stressful stimuli seem to worsen brain fog. Now, that study doesn’t focus entirely on stress. However, it does mention a correlation. Similarly, many of the physical signs share a close tie with stress.

Stress and brain fog’s frequent triggers

Curiously, this study focuses on postural tachycardia, yet the results point toward stress. Fatigue and lacking sleep are the most common culprits. However, we must also point out other causes, such as medication.

The holistic takeaway

Stress and brain fog can be problematic. Luckily, you can use many solutions to get rid of them. Meditation, working out, yoga, and even watching a funny movie can help. Don’t hesitate to set specific times merely for resting.

Moreover, I can also recommend ProMind Complex if you need supplementation. It’s an amazing solution for clearing that brain fog.


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