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Hypertension Causes – The Link Between Stress And Hypertension

Jul 19, 2021Mental Health0 comments

Stress and hypertension have a somewhat obscure link. Now, everyone knows that stress has several consequences. For instance, did you know you could get constipated from stress? However, could it be among hypertension’s causes?

Recently, I came across this article within the US National Library of Medicine. It goes into extensive detail on the subject. I’ll summarize its contents below, but make sure to check it out by yourself.

Additionally, make sure to read until the end. I have a great product that can help you manage your stress and blood pressure.

The link between stress and hypertension

stress and hypertension descriptive image

Plenty of literature has detailed the relationship between stress and hypertension. However, we still know fairly little about hypertension’s causes. That said, studies have suggested links between stressors and blood pressure.

On the other hand, stress’ consequences have gained more attention from researchers. The article I mentioned at the beginning details several of them. Primarily, it splits relevant stressors into four categories.

Occupational stress

Job stress is among the most studied stressors with health repercussions. Considerable job stress has correlated with higher blood pressure levels, even outside work. The same goes for developing hypertension from work-related stress.

Social stress

Likewise, social stress relates to relationships. That means friends, family, and significant others. Lacking social support from loved ones might lead to blood pressure increases. Naturally, this would come from lacking loved ones to unwind with.

Socioeconomic stress

Low socioeconomic status also correlates with higher hypertension likelihood. However, it seems like the education level is more relevant than financial standing. Again, socioeconomic statuses are a primary stressor for many people.

Discrimination stress

Finally, racial discrimination is a prominent stressor for multiple communities. Curiously, racial discrimination has also correlated with hypertension. Furthermore, we can extrapolate it to general discrimination. That includes socioeconomic status, ideologies, and social class.

Why is stress among hypertension’s causes?

Finally, the article details possible mechanisms behind stress and hypertension. Naturally, it begins with the sympathetic nervous system. One of its responses is to release catecholamines. Catecholamine has correlated with psychological stress levels.

Nevertheless, stress and hypertension specifically need more research. Suggestions are plentiful. They include repeated system activation and lack of habituation.

Physiological changes from stress

One theory states that cardiovascular responses to stressors can sign hypertension risks. Regardless of the suggestions, there’s a cardiovascular response when exposed to stressors.

Blood pressure recovery and hypertension signs

Additionally, there’s the return from high blood pressure to pre-stress conditions. It may link to hypertension’s pathogenesis. However, that theory still requires more research to create a significant link.

However, the article mentions one process when assessing this homeostasis theory: rumination.

Rumination: The main link between stress and hypertension?

Rumination could be the most significant lead when linking stress and hypertension. For instance, blood pressure increases significantly during rumination. That’s true even after the stressful situation has ended. Likewise, rumination could hinder cardiovascular recovery.

The holistic takeaway

The link between stress and hypertension is definitely there. Plenty of research has suggested a close relationship. That goes for psychological and physiological changes. However, the mechanism is still a mystery.

That said, there’s no reason not to deal with stress. Stress can cause a plethora of other complications. As such, you must act quickly if you feel it’s getting out of hand.

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