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Types Of Body Fat: What You Need To Know

Jul 21, 2022Fat Acumulation0 comments

We have different types of body fat. That’s why losing weight is more complex than saying “fat is bad.” Each type has its own intricacies and functions.

Understanding how they work and their benefits can be a huge step to lose weight. Moreover, it could be a key aspect of losing weight healthily.

So, let’s learn more about them.

The different types of body fat

VenusTreatments has a great breakdown of the different types. Essentially, body fat splits into 6 categories. They mainly go by color. And, they have different effects on your body. Some have benefits, while others are just bad.


Essential fats are good. It handles body temperature regulation, vitamin absorption, and more. It’s not as visible as other types of fat. But, you can find it throughout your body. Of course, you don’t target it for weight loss.


Brown fat is also good. It helps you burn energy and keep the right core temperature. It’s also quite easy to burn. That’s because it’s not a storage fat. Again, brown fat isn’t a necessary target for weight loss.


White fat is kind of in the middle. It’s our biggest energy storage system. It’s also key for maintaining healthy blood sugar. But, it can be a problem in excess. It can cause insulin resistance. So, we must avoid too much white fat.


Beige fat is quite unique. We create it when stressed. So, it turns white fat into this new kind. Basically, it lets us burn fat to turn it into thermal energy. We usually create beige fat when we’re working out.


Subcutaneous fat is also in the middle. It makes up most of our body fat percentage. It handles estrogen. And, it acts as protection between our muscles and skin tissue. That said, excess subcutaneous fat can lead to health complications.


This one is simply bad. We can find it around the organs in our abdomen. It’s also responsible for insulin resistance. It can also cause different kinds of cancer, dementia, and more. So, abdominal strength workouts are a must to eliminate it.

How are the types of body fat different?

So, we know there are different types of body fat. But, what exactly makes them different? As we already touched on, they serve different functions. We can also locate them in different parts of our bodies.


Naturally, their makeup is the first different. White fat cells are large lipids. On the other hand, brown fat cells are smaller lipids combined with mitochondria. That makes them darker and provides energy-burning benefits.


Different types of body fat are also in different parts of the body. White fat is in the abdomen, under the skin. We can find brown fat around the neck, collarbones, shoulder blades, and spine.


Finally, different types of body fat have different functions. White fat stores the energy we get from food. Brown fat converts that energy. Beige fat bridges the two. Subcutaneous fat protects our muscles. You can see what I mean.

What are the benefits and risks of the types of body fat?

As with everything, there are benefits and risks. Luckily, your main concern is keeping your body fat balanced. With exercise and proper nutrition, you can avoid risks while reaping the benefits.

Most types of body fats play a role in temperature regulation. They’re also crucial for balancing hormone levels. That translates into your reproductive health and nutrient storage.

Yet, fat disbalance yields a plethora of risks. You’re more prone to stroke, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and diabetes. That’s particularly true for white fat disbalances.

The holistic takeaway

types of body fat man measuring his torso

Knowing your types of body fat can help you through a healthy weight loss experience. That way, you can set the right goals.

There’s also a great diet program that helps you set things straight. The Fat Burning Kitchen offers a full nutritional breakdown. It helps you improve your diet to get your body fat to healthy levels.

To learn more about it, check out my review.


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