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Vision Deterioration Causes – Why Your Eyesight Worsens With Age

Jun 24, 2021Vision0 comments

Everyone knows that age is a vision deterioration cause. After all, we usually see our grandparents wearing glasses. However, how important is age regarding eyesight deterioration?

Today, you’ll learn the truth behind eyesight deterioration causes. If you think any of these pointers apply to you, find help. A good eyesight supplement can help you. However, we always recommend a holistic take on health.

Eyesight deterioration causes: Does age matter?

You might be surprised to hear that age is a minor factor. As Scientific American explains, there’s only some truth behind it. The reality is considerably more complicated.

Today’s treatments should be enough for most people. With professional help, you could protect your vision forever.

Understanding our vision

Our vision works like a camera. The light enters our area via the cornea.  From there, it travels through the lens to our retina. The retina converts the light into a signal, carried by the optic nerve.

Every structure could be responsible

With age, these structures turn into four variables. Damage to any of them can cause vision deterioration. It could be physical damage to the eye. However, our eyesight could suffer if our brains can’t translate the signal.

Does age really matter?

The answer is “yes and no.” That’s because age makes it easier for these structures to suffer damage. Nevertheless, age doesn’t harm them directly. They could change with time, but sight loss isn’t normal.

Separating normal vision deterioration causes

As with most aging conditions, some things are normal. That doesn’t mean you should embrace vision loss. Eyesight alterations are typical, but some might sign toward serious conditions.

When should you worry? The University Of Utah has outstanding insight into the topic.

What can you expect?

With age, our eyesight can change but not leave us. We could lose focus or find it harder to distinguish colors. That holds for needing more light to read or adapting to dark rooms.

What should worry you?

Vision loss is the red flag. It’s not a normal aging aspect, but age can boost the risks. Cataracts, diabetes, and glaucoma can harm your vision. See a doctor if you experience significant vision changes.

Most common vision deterioration causes

Finally, some eyesight deterioration causes are more common than others. Thankfully, most of these subside with proper treatment. What should you keep an eye out for (no pun intended)?

Let’s go through the typical conditions that could worsen your eyesight.


Our eyes age with us. Reading and spotting small details can become harder. That’s because our lenses become less flexible.


Cataracts demand treatment. This condition makes our eyes cloudy, impairing our vision. Luckily, it’s quite easy to treat. Just don’t forego your optician.


We can inherit several eye diseases, like myopia and glaucoma. The best you can do is learn the family health history. It’ll let you spot risks and visit your optician in time.


Lifestyle choices can mess with your eyesight as well. Some diets can harm your eyesight in the long term. Likewise, smoking and substance abuse increase eye disease chances.


As mentioned, many conditions can deteriorate your eyesight. These aren’t strictly normal. Therefore, go to your optician if you start to see vision alterations.

Temporary issues

Pregnancy can change your eyesight because of its hormonal changes. Dizziness can obscure your vision for a few seconds or a minute as well.


Finally, never look at the sun directly. Similarly, don’t leave home without sunglasses if the sun is too strong. Additionally, electronic devices emit blue light. That’s similar to sunlight, so be careful there as well.

The holistic takeaway

Eyesight is delicate. Today, our eyes go through more stress than ever. The digital age has made our lives easier. Unfortunately, our vision seems to be part of the price. Luckily, most vision deterioration causes have effective treatments.

Make sure to check out our recommended products to improve your eyesight. Furthermore, always ask your doctor if anything seems out of place.


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