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Water and Kidney Health – How Are They Related?

Jul 3, 2023Food & Nutrition0 comments

Water and kidney health share a crucial bond for the well-being of our bodies. The kidneys are essential in maintaining fluid balance. And, water is one of the “foods” they need to perform their filtration functions.

Proper hydration aids in flushing out toxins, preventing kidney stones. Plus, it allows optimal kidney function. That’s the opposite of the effects of too much sugar or excess salt. That said, why is hydration crucial?

Let’s answer that.

The core link between water and kidney health

Checking out Bangkok Hospital’s kidney health tips reveals one thing. Hydration is the center of all those recommendations. So, let me summarize them below. As usual, make sure you read the original article for more insight!

Firstly, we must understand that water is definitely good. The 8-glass-a-day tip exists for a reason. However, the requirement varies with the individual. Some people might need as much as 3.5 liters.

Your lifestyle dictates how much water you require. Luckily, urine is a great indication. Darker urine indicates dehydration. We can use this to avoid overhydration. Too much water can cause water intoxication. It does so by diluting sodium levels too much.

How dehydration is a main kidney antagonist

So, let’s dive into what dehydration does to your kidneys. For that, we must understand how water and kidney health work. Water lets you remove waste via urination. Plus, it opens up your blood vessels for the kidneys to get nutrients.

Dehydration disrupts this system. Mild dehydration usually causes fatigue and body function impairment. On the other hand, severe dehydration can damage your kidneys. Even mild dehydration, if frequent, causes kidney damage.

From there, dehydration causes waste and acid buildup in your body. Muscle proteins may also clog the kidneys. Then, we have kidney stones and UTIs (urinary tract infections). These conditions also lead to kidney damage if left untreated.

What to do about water and kidney health

So, how can you make hydration a constant? The best approach is to find what works for you. That’s a combination of lifestyle evaluation and visits to your healthcare practitioner. With that in mind, let’s go through some general tips.

The first step is to adjust water intake according to your habits. If you’re physically active, adjust your drinks accordingly. A great way to do this is to have water available at all times. Take a water bottle with you when working out and drink its entirety. You can also keep one by your desk and bed. That way, you can drink water constantly.

That said, be careful about overdoing it. Don’t try to gulp down water every hour. Too much water can disrupt sodium levels. Thus, pay attention to your body: thirst, dark urine, fatigue, and more. These signs let you know when you need water.

Which benefits are you reaping with these tips?

Now, what benefits are we discussing with all these tips? Midtown Nephrology has a fantastic article answering that. Therefore, let me summarize the benefits listed there.

  1. Drinking water keeps your kidneys healthy, preventing kidney failure.
  2. Proper hydration prevents kidney stones and further damage.
  3. It helps you regulate your blood pressure.
  4. Additionally, your blood is mostly water. Thus, staying hydrated maintains good circulation.
  5. Hydration also aids digestion, preventing constipation and other issues.
  6. Finally, water helps you lose weight. Hydration helps you feel satiated without adding calories. Its other benefits can also make it easier to work out and eat healthily.

The holistic takeaway

water and kidney health - cooler with water in the street

Water and kidney health are pretty much synonyms, as you can see. Proper hydration leads to healthy and efficient kidneys. Plus, it adds a bunch of additional benefits to your general health.

Nevertheless, we can always take one step further. If you want to keep your kidneys optimal, I have a final tip. I’m talking about The Kidney Disease Solution. It’s a complete knowledge database to heal and maintain your kidneys. So, it’s an affordable way to get the information you need to improve kidney health.


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