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Ways To Improve Memory: Can Friends Be A Secret Weapon?

Jun 15, 2021Mental Health0 comments

There are seemingly countless ways to improve memory. You can study regularly, play crosswords, and use visualization methods. However, what if I told you that friends can help you?

With time, our social life keeps proving its importance for our health. It might not be as helpful as napping, but it’s worth noting.

Today, we’ll learn how to improve memory with friends.

How to improve memory: Just hang out with friends

A few years ago, AARP reported that friends could sharpen your brain. Elderly people with better cognitive abilities had better relationships than their peers. Therefore, positive friendships could tie into slower cognitive deterioration.

Friends won’t guarantee Alzheimer’s protection. However, they could be as useful as proper nutrition and not smoking.

Just being there is enough

Your priority should be maintaining strong and healthy social ties. That means trusting relationships. Ideally, you should be able to talk about anything.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be “the leader” or the center of attention. You merely need to maintain a supportive friendship. Hanging out once a week and leveraging social media are great ways to improve memory

Activities to improve memory with friends

Interestingly, not all interactions seem to offer the same benefits. If you’re interested in how to improve memory, some approaches are better. For instance, small talk could yield the best cognitive benefits.

What should be your focus when you’re with friends? These three guidelines should offer the advice you need.

Knowing each other

The linked study shows that making friends has the most benefits. More specifically, they mean that kind of interaction. A brief chat getting to know each other yields the best results. Try talking about each other and share new information.

Practicing empathy

The study suggests that the benefit comes from considering other perspectives. Trying to understand how other people think helps your executive functioning. Developing your social intelligence rewards your general intelligence.

Avoid competition

However, competitive conversations can be a double-edged blade. A competitive edge can negate the benefits. Conversely, you can still improve your cognitive functions by understanding their opinions.

Essentially, focus on understanding others instead of proving your points.

The holistic takeaway

There’s virtually no disadvantage to having friends. They can help you with everything: from hardships to fitness! They also seem like one of the best ways to improve memory.

We’re isolated enough lately. There’s no reason not to send a text or call your friend now and then. As such, try to schedule something with them next weekend!


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