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Weight Loss Competition: Men Vs. Women In Weight Loss

Dec 20, 2021Weight Loss0 comments

As I’ve covered before, women face special weight loss challenges. Menopause and hormonal shifts can wreck anyone’s weight. This leads to the weight loss competition between men and women.

Everyone knows men and women are biologically and physiologically different. That leads to comments like “it’s so easy for men to be in shape.” Comparisons are plentiful.

It feels as if it’s ingrained in our society. But, what if there’s some truth to it?

How does the weight loss competition between men and women work?

Now, the difference in weight loss isn’t quite what everyone thinks. Yes, men can lose weight faster. But, men tend to weigh more than their counterparts. So, they technically have more weight to lose.

The difference isn’t in how much weight they lose. Instead, it’s in their body composition. Men have more muscle mass than women. So, their muscle-to-fat ratio is more beneficial.

Does that mean they need different diets?

The answer is “kind of.”

Men might respond better to some diets. But, we can’t forget about different metabolisms and portion needs. Research has been considerably lacking in this area.

For now, the only safe answer is that men burn more calories than women. So, they can eat more while gaining the same weight.

But, what’s going on with that weight loss competition?

As mentioned, men have a greater body and muscle mass than women. That doesn’t mean women can’t lose weight like them. But, they do need more effort than males.

But, what causes these disparities? We have two main factors.

Hormonal differences are the main culprit

Yes, men’s bodies are different. But that’s because they have more testosterone than women. In a way, they’re designed to have more muscle.

That also means other disparities. For instance, they need to eat more, have more cravings, etc.

Current social dynamics are also important

We’ve grown out of the “traditional family” structure considerably. Women are not entirely expected to stay home and prepare meals. But, they’re still more likely to do it.

So, we must consider the extra calories they consume while cooking. Staying at home can lead to cravings as well. If there’s little time to work out, the results worsen.

Analyzing the approach differences in this weight loss competition

Finally, Healthline has a great breakdown of both sexes’ practical differences. Of course, it wouldn’t go as far as requiring special programs for each. But, it’s worth noting what works for each sex.

The original article goes through 5 general areas:

  1. Women have more fat mass and less muscle. That’s because men have more testosterone. Thus, they burn more calories because of muscles’ metabolic benefits.
  2. Both sexes also differ in how they carry weight. For instance, men gain more abdominal fat. Women gain more fat around the hips.
  3. Men lose weight faster because of their metabolic needs. Both muscles and hormones burn more energy while resting.
  4. Probably because of the same factors, men eat more meat than women. They can burn the excess calories faster. Women could gain more weight from the same diets as men.
  5. Finally, we can’t forget about society’s expectations. Women tend to stick to diets more often. But, they also tend to stay home more often. So, we have many crucial factors outside of biology.

The holistic takeaway

weight loss competition woman and man doing a one arm push up

Yes, the weight loss competition between women and men can be real. But, that doesn’t mean one is at a disadvantage. Both sexes can use somewhat similar approaches. As long as you consider the difference, you can overcome any handicap.

But, women might have a harder time shedding those extra pounds.

That’s why I recommend The Cinderella Solution. It’s a comprehensive workout and diet program that can help you shed that weight.

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