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Weight Loss Vs Building Muscle: What’s The Priority?

Apr 8, 2022Exercise - Fitness0 comments

A while ago, I explained how gaining weight was easier. For many, that could mean building muscle as well. So, what’s better, weight loss vs building muscle?

The answer is tricky. In many cases, building muscle means gaining weight. Yet, that doesn’t make it exclusive. You can actually do both.

Of course, it’s a combination between diet and working out properly. But, how is it possible?

What should be your focus between weight loss VS building muscle?

Losing body fat is many’s priority. But, others prefer to build muscle first. That creates an issue when choosing a strategy.

Of course, your focus depends on what matters the most. That said, there are a couple of guidelines I can give you.

You should always prioritize proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is critical to building muscle and losing weight. So, that’s the best place to start. A good diet will be your first step anyway. As such, focus on adding more protein if you’re working out.

Though, a caloric deficit needs more thought. You could “steal” energy from your workouts with it.

Building muscle always helps you lose weight

Physical activity and muscle tissue increase your metabolism. As such, you’re losing weight anyway. That makes the weight loss vs building muscle debate somewhat pointless. Both are fantastic health choices that “fed” off each other.

But, is it weight loss vs building muscle? Can they happen simultaneously?

As I mentioned, you can lose weight while building muscle. In fact, the latter can help you with the former. Thus, many experts will argue in favor of a fitness plan while losing weight.

It’s best to trade fat for muscle

Calories turn into fat when unused. And, exercising burns calories. So, you’re basically trading fat for muscle. That’s why a caloric deficit can be problematic. It’s great to produce less fat. Yet, your muscles need those calories.

Body recomposition is the answer to the weight loss vs building muscle debate

“Trading” fat for muscle is what we know as body recomposition. That’s why diet and exercise are the favorite combination for most fitness experts. So, weight loss and building muscle should go hand-in-hand.

9 tips to help you manage weight loss vs. building muscle

So, is it harder to build muscle while losing weight? Both are already difficult for some people.

Luckily, it’s not like that. Focusing on building muscle is enough for losing weight. US News has 9 amazing tips to achieve that. Below, I’ll summarize them.

  1. Firstly, minimize your caloric deficit. Sure, it’s great for losing weight. But, your muscles need that energy.
  2. Building muscle often takes as long as losing weight. Don’t think it’s a shortcut.
  3. Eat over 25 grams of protein daily. Lean protein is crucial for maintaining muscle.
  4. Intermittent fasting could also boost your metabolism. Just don’t overdo it in the gym if you lack energy.
  5. At the gym, try compound exercises. They target multiple muscle groups and boost efficiency.
  6. Cardio is better during caloric deficits. So, go for a walk or jog for recovery.
  7. Plan an exercise program that makes the most out of your time. Consult with a trainer if necessary.
  8. But, be careful with HIIT. Make sure you’re rested and well-fed before any session.
  9. Finally, that means resting enough. That helps you make up for your caloric deficit.

The holistic takeaway

weight loss vs building muscle girl doing exercise on the floor

So, what’s more important: weight loss vs. building muscle? Naturally, it depends on your goals. You might want to build muscle. But, others are fine merely losing weight.

That said, there’s little reason to pick one. Building muscle entails weight loss. So, you can get the best of both worlds anyway.

That takes me to today’s recommendation.

Lean Belly 3x can cover you on both fronts. It provides CLA, which works as a fitness enhancer. In the meantime, it helps you burn fat faster.

If you want to learn more, my review’s over here!


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