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Weird Depression Causes – What Not Many Know

Jul 17, 2023Mental Health0 comments

Depression and other mental issues are at an all-time high. Today’s life is stressful. Everyone knows that. Every day, people have to deal with work stress, relationship problems, and more. But, there are some weird depression causes.

We think we know everything about depression. It may stem from a breakup, losing a loved one, genetics, and more. From there, they may experience other complications. Slow metabolism, memory loss, and brain fog are common.

But, what are the causes no one talks about?

Excessively using social media is a weird depression cause

The first one might be unexpected. After all, we’re social animals. It’s common knowledge that isolation can cause depression. So, shouldn’t social media prevent it? Well, that’s not exactly true.

There’s a considerable correlation between social media use and depression reports. One theory suggests that it’s simply not emotionally satisfying. As such, we use it to “feel” like we’re socializing. Yet, that’s not the case. Social media can also cause self-esteem issues and sleep deprivation.

You might be getting sabotaged by the season

Have you ever felt down out of nowhere during winter? You’re not alone. Seasonal affective disorder is one type of depression. It tends to occur at the same time each year. You might feel moody during winter and bounce up during summer.

The reason behind it is quite obscure. Some believe it’s related to your circadian rhythm and less sunlight. This can cause serotonin levels to drop. However, other reasons might include work schedules. During some seasons, it’s easier to maintain positive habits.

Your age simply isn’t doing any favors

Were you more depressed during your teen years? Or, is it getting worse now? These changes aren’t entirely random. Your age might actually play a significant role in your depression.

Studies have found that depression intensity tends to shift with age. Middle-aged adults tend to see lower levels of depression. On the other hand, 80-year-olds and older might experience stronger symptoms. Your age, priorities, and perspective on life can shift your symptoms.

Smoking is another weird depression cause, as well as quitting

Smoking is bad. That’s an understatement; everyone knows that. That said, people smoke to reduce stress. Therefore, it would be a weird cause of depression. Isn’t stress a risk factor for the condition?

Well, yes, stress can cause depression. Though, smoking can actually worsen anxiety and tension. Nicotine can provide short-term improvements. After that, withdrawal and cravings can worsen your symptoms.

You’re going through a tough anniversary unconsciously

We celebrate anniversaries for a good reason. We can relive the experience we’re celebrating. That’s why we feel more infatuated during a relationship anniversary. Unfortunately, this effect can backfire horribly.

The Anniversary Effect is a known “condition” in psychology. We tend to relive traumatic experiences periodically. This can include breakups, loss, accidents, and more. What’s worse, we can experience it unconsciously. If you feel down out of nowhere, think about time-related memories.

The last weird depression cause is magnesium deficiency

Magnesium is a crucial nutrient for many reasons. It supports muscle and nerve function, energy, and blood pressure. Its energy production implications are pretty important here.

Magnesium intake and depression correlate. Very low magnesium levels can cause or worsen depression symptoms. Nonetheless, that seems to occur primarily in younger adults. In older people, low magnesium might—surprisingly—be protective.

The holistic takeaway

weird depression causes - man smoking in the snow

There are many weird depression causes we barely know about. The reasons are plentiful. Maybe they’re not as relevant as others. Perhaps, not many can picture the link. But, they might provide answers in many cases.

Did any of these causes surprise you? For me, it was the age link. Magnesium deficiency was easy to expect. After all, it’s one of the reasons I recommend Magnesium Breakthrough. Let me know which ones you saw coming and which ones you didn’t!


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