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What Makes A Healthy Diet? Simple Guidelines To Follow

Jun 27, 2022Food & Nutrition0 comments

I’ve already talked about the worst diets. But, what makes a healthy diet? I’ve covered food combining and why I recommend it. And, that’s a great start.

A balanced diet is a healthy diet. That includes not falling for common myths, like cutting carbs.

Let’s see what a healthy diet should look like.

Understanding what makes a healthy diet: Balance is the key

A diet plan to manage your weight needs variety. That could be as simple as adding as many colors as possible to your plate. Make sure to add leafy greens, tomatoes, fiber, and protein.

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh and canned fruits are great. The same goes for grilled and steamed vegetables. They help you add more color, vitamins, and fiber to your meals. So, they should be a staple in all your foods.


Meats are great sources of protein. But, you must be careful. Avoid fried and breaded foods. Instead, bake or grill your meats. Dry beans are also a great way to replace meats in many meals.

Comfort foods

Comfort foods are everyone’s favorites. But, you need to treat them with care. Luckily, you don’t need to eliminate them. Just make sure you make up for them with healthy dishes and exercise.

Number of calories and what makes a healthy diet

Calories equal energy stored in your food. You need them for everything: from walking to thinking. Make sure you’re getting around 2,000 calories daily. Of course, you should adapt that number depending on your needs.

The importance of balance is what makes a healthy diet

Balance ensures you’re getting the right amount of nutrients your body needs. Otherwise, you’ll be more prone to fatigue and disease. So, make sure you’re working out and eating healthily.

What makes a healthy diet: How it should look

A healthy diet should be varied and nutritious. That means following a few guidelines to pack as many nutrients as possible. Simultaneously, you should avoid highly processed foods.

You eat lots of vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are the most important habit. They pack a nutrient punch, with vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and minerals. So, make sure they make up half your plate.

You choose whole-grain foods

Whole-grain foods are easy to find. You can add whole grain bread, crackers, rice, quinoa, and more. They’re excellent sources of protein and fiber. Moreover, they’ll make you feel full for longer.

You eat enough protein

Protein is vital for your bones and muscles. So, make sure you eat enough healthy meats, legumes, nuts, eggs, and fish. You should also eat protein every day. Try having at least a couple of fish servings every week.

You limit highly processed foods

Highly and ultra-processed foods are changed from their original source. The goal is to add ingredients. But, processing usually removes important nutrients to add flavor. So, make sure you avoid them as possible.

You mostly drink water

Finally, water is roughly the only hydration we need. You don’t need soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, or coffee. They offer little nutritional value when compared to water. Fruit juices often have too much sugar as well. So, avoid them whenever possible.

The holistic takeaway

what makes a healthy diet a lot of vegetables

So, what makes a healthy diet? Balance and care are crucial. Make sure you’re eating the right foods in the right amount. Of course, working out is also vital.

That’s why I recommend The Cinderella Solution. It’s a complete fitness program that combines nutrition and exercise.

If you want to learn how it works, check out my review!


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