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What To Do After Workouts: How To Boost Your Results

Jul 14, 2022Exercise - Fitness0 comments

What to do after workouts can be as important as working out. Fitness is a holistic process. So, it goes beyond what you do at the gym. You can do a lot to optimize your results. That’s true even if you’re not working out.

What to do after workouts: General tips

There’s a lot you can do after working out. Healthline has a bunch of great tips you can follow. In general, you want to make sure you’re giving your body everything it needs after working out.


Working out makes you sweat a lot. Rehydrating is essential to replenish your fluids. It helps you improve your muscle flexibility and build strength. Water is often enough, but you can also drink healthy drinks.


You also need to replenish your muscle energy stores. Eating a healthy snack after working out is crucial for proper recovery. So, make sure you’re getting carbs and protein. It’ll help you recharge your energy levels faster.


Of course, protein is a huge aid in building muscle. So, pick meals that contain plenty of protein. Go for milk, eggs, cheese, and lean meats. A whey protein supplement can also be a great ally.

Treat sore muscles

Muscle soreness is a huge setback for most beginners. So, make sure you try home remedies to relax after working out. Try foam rolling, salt baths, or even a massage.

What to do after workouts: Diving into nutrition

Every macronutrient plays a role in post-workout recovery. So, make sure you’re replenishing them after working out. Mixing them properly can be huge to boost your workout’s results.


Exercise breaks down muscle protein. So, you need to replenish your protein levels after working out. It’ll help you strengthen your muscles to build them properly afterward. Of course, eating protein before your workouts is also advantageous.


Your body uses its glycogen stores as fuel when you exercise. So, make sure you’re getting enough carbs to replenish them. It’s even better if you combine protein and carbs after working out.


Finally, fat can be a solid addition after working out. Whole milk can help you promote muscle growth. Just make sure you’re careful. fat can slow down digestion and mess with nutrient absorption.

What to do after workouts: Right after you finish

Naturally, you don’t have to wait until you get home to speed up your results. You can start helping your muscles as soon as you’re done working out. Here are a few things you can do half an hour after working out.


Stretching is actually better after working out. You should stretch before your muscles cool down. It lowers the risk of injury and helps you alleviate post-workout soreness. Make sure you take at least five minutes to stretch right after working out.

Take a shower

Sweating causes bacteria and yeast to grow. So, make sure you shower as soon as you’re finished. The same goes for changing into clean clothes. Make sure you remove all moisture to prevent bacteria growth.

Refuel your body

Finally, eat something within 30 minutes. That’ll help your muscles recover quickly. Plus, it’ll improve your performance for your next workout. Make sure you’re packing your meal with protein and carbohydrates.

What NOT to do after workouts: Avoid these

Now, doing the right things is as important as not doing something wrong. You can sabotage your fitness progression depending on what you do. Muscle & Fitness has a great list of things you should avoid.

Excessive cardio

You can do some cardio after you’re done working out. But, don’t overdo it. You can mess with the mechanisms related to muscular hypertrophy. Take a few hours between cardio and strength training.

Avoid fast carbs

Fast-acting carbs get into the bloodstream rapidly. That’ll help you boost your insulin levels and get more nutrients. So, don’t skip them after working out. It’ll prevent you from recovering effectively.

Overeating fats

Finally, fats can slow down digestion. So, you don’t want to eat too much after working out. Otherwise, you’ll mess with how your body absorbs nutrients. Instead, add more carbs and protein.

The holistic takeaway

what to do after workout woman streching

Having a good snack after working out can be crucial to boosting your results. That’s why a strong smoothie can be all you need.

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