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White Bread And Diabetes: Should You Avoid It?

Mar 4, 2022Food & Nutrition0 comments

I already covered wheat bread. But, white bread and diabetes have a close link. Sadly, many people ignore it. Today, you’re going to learn why that’s a horrible idea.

In this article, we’ll look at why white bread can be so bad. The truth might even surprise you!

What makes white bread and diabetes a bad match?

Medical News Today places white bread with other foods you should avoid. Other candidates include white rice, white pasta, and white potatoes.

Can you see the link? Yes, it’s “white,” and no, that’s not a joke. White flour’s glycemic index (GI) is high.

Carbohydrates are too high

The main issue with white flour is its refined starch content. Your body metabolizes it like sugar. In other words, it spikes your blood glucose after quick digestion.

So, eating white bread, rice, or pasta is akin to eating sugar. Moreover, they tend to lack fiber due to their GI. That makes the sugar spikes more violent.

White bread and diabetes could be worse than sugar

But, white bread and diabetes may have a closer relationship than sugar. In fact, it has the strongest link to type 2 diabetes.

Again, that’s true for white flour in general. So, think of this as applicable to any white flour food.

The glycemic index is the main guideline

The GI measures foods’ effects on blood sugar. High GI spikes our blood sugar. On the other hand, low GI carbs do the opposite.

White bread is a primary diabetes factor

Curiously, eating lots of white bread can boost your diabetes risk considerably. In many cases, it could be worse than sugar.

Its high GI index can cause insulin resistance. But, it can also worsen weight and other risk factors.

That doesn’t mean sugar is fine

Yes, eating sugar isn’t as bad as eating white bread. But, we must assess where we’re getting our sugar from. Of course, sugar from fruit is many times better than refined sugar.

Still, sugar isn’t “better” than white bread. It’s just not as bad.

The holistic takeaway

white bread and diabetes loaf of bread on a table

So, white bread and diabetes can be a real hazard for anyone. So, make sure you keep it under control. Luckily, it’s easier than it sounds.

You have countless options to replace white flour and starches. Even bread is a huge list!

If you need more tips, I’d recommend The Fat Burning Kitchen. Yes, it prioritizes weight loss. But, its approach actually repairs damage in your body.

If you want to learn how it works, check out my review!


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