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Why Diets Fail: Understanding Diet Failure

Sep 10, 2021Food & Nutrition0 comments

Dieting has been a staple topic here for a while. It started with this list of the worst diets. However, there’s still lots to discuss. Why diets fail is one of those topics.

Today, I’ll give you a summary of diet failure. We’ll go through why most people fail. I’ll also offer a few tips and a great diet program.

The short and long term implications of why diets fail

Psychology Today has a great explanation. Short-term goals lead to short-term results. Diets are the best example. You can find countless “1-month challenges” around the internet. However, most diets’ results revert in weeks or months.

Long-term is the key to avoid diet failure

The best diet is a balanced nutrition plan. That means not foregoing particular nutrients and food groups. Instead, we ought to consume what we need for sustenance. Naturally, that also includes a dedicated workout routine.

Understanding common reasons why diets fail

Now, let’s go through several examples of diet failure. Most of the time, we approach dieting with the wrong mentality. We expect more than we can get. The same goes for searching for instant gratification.

Lack of sustainability

Many diets lack sustainability. In other words, they’re almost impossible to maintain in the long term. It could be because of their nutritional values. Other diets incorporate too much fasting. Regardless of the reasons, they’re not for the long run.

Nutrient restriction over a balance

The most common issue is nutrition. Too many diets restrict instead of balancing. The famous keto or paleo vegan diets are great examples. Instead of balance, they eliminate food groups and nutrients. Typically, they lead to poor nutrition.

Unrealistic expectations

People tend to expect more than what diets can offer. That’s why we have so many “challenges.” No one wants to accept that the best diet takes effort. Realistic expectations force us to accept it’s a lengthy road.

Action over mindset

Other diets offer you a blueprint and not much else. For instance, they tell you to follow their meal plan. Exercise is a common oversight. Yet, this instant action plays against us. Health requires a proper mindset. That includes diet, exercise, and more.

Too much simplicity

Finally, most diets “dumb down” fitness. Again, they merely tell you what to do. The best approach is to understand fitness is complex. Nutrition is already a profession by itself. Don’t underestimate fitness and proper dieting.

The holistic takeaway

why diets fail plate with vegetables and meat

Losing weight is possible. Yet, many diets prove the opposite. The key lies in effort—not shortcuts.

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a great example. It combines knowledge and nutrition to help you lose weight.

For more information, my review’s over here!


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