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Why Gaining Weight Is Easier: The 5 Inner Workings

Mar 7, 2022Weight Loss0 comments

You can try anything to lose weight. Calisthenics and weights are fantastic. CLA is today’s wonder drug for weight loss. But, that often feels like it’s not enough. Almost everyone’s wondered why gaining weight is easier.

At least, it’s easier than losing it.

Now, reasons are plentiful. Your age, body type, and biology tend to work against you. Today, I’ll take you through the 5 reasons why losing weight is hard.

Why gaining weight is easier #1: Fat cells don’t disappear

Firstly, I must tell you one critical fact. Your fat cells may shrink, but they won’t disappear. Now, they don’t appear instantly. It might take days after starting a diet high in fats. But, once they’re there, they stay.

You can only slow down or stop them

That said, you can prevent fat cell development entirely. Effective diets actually shrink these cells. That’s why gaining weight is easier than losing it. Moreover, inhibiting their generation might be possible.

Why gaining weight is easier #2: Your body doesn’t always want to lose weight

Sometimes, you can try anything to lose weight. Even if you keep the discipline, it might fail. That’s because appetite and weight gain are part of our physiology. Some people simply have different biology.

Discipline isn’t always all you need

Diet and exercise are vital for anyone’s health. But, they might not be enough for everyone. You can regain your weight in days. That could be due to how your metabolism works. In other words, your body usually knows its ideal weight.

Why gaining weight is easier #3: Body types change the rules

Today, most body types fall into three categories:

  • Ectomorph.
  • Endomorph.
  • Mesomorph.

Each body type has different fitness advantages and hurdles. So, you need a fitness strategy that adapts to your needs.

We rarely fit into only one body type

But, even that’s difficult. Most body shapes combine different physiques. We might have a dominant category. But, that doesn’t mean the “rules” from other body types are negligible. So, make sure you work with a professional.

Why gaining weight is easier #4: Weight affects body parts differently

You might’ve noticed you seem to lose weight in your legs first. Maybe it’s your rear. Well, those aren’t illusions. Some body parts are prone to lose weight first or later. Again, they vary depending on the individual.

You can’t quite target specific body parts

I’ve already covered how to target certain muscle groups. Yet, that doesn’t quite mean you can lose weight around them. Usually, every lost pound gets distributed between different body parts. Typically, some “reap” more losses than others.

Why gaining weight is easier #5: Your age also plays a big role

Finally, weight loss becomes harder as we get older. It’s also fairly simple. Our bodies don’t get fitter with age. Metabolic processes slow down. And, the same happens to hormones and almost everything.

Your lifestyle also becomes less active

Then, we tend to go out and exercise much less. In other words, older people are more sedentary. That means their fitness takes a hit. But, it also means there’s plenty of room for improvement.

The holistic takeaway

why gaining weight is easier girl doing abdominal exercise

So, why is gaining weight easier? Your body doesn’t always want to lose weight. Moreover, your biology might not be optimal for weight loss.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. It merely means you have a few obstacles to overcome. Even then, you have plenty of strategies to shed those extra pounds.

And, a little help can go a long way. Lean Belly 3x is among the best workout supplements for anyone. It disrupts fat storage while improving muscle growth.

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